The return of the Reagan Democrats

Excellent, excellent piece by Robert Tracinski on the flood coming towards the Dems omn November 6 and the timely return of what we used to call the “Reagan Democrats.”

[…] Wisconsin is the bellwether for that cultural-political shift, but it is not the only example. Two less-heralded votes on Tuesday were held in California, where voters in San Diego and San Jose—hardly bastions of conservatism—approved referendums cutting back on benefits for government employees. In San Jose, the measure was approved by a 70%-30% margin.

Back when Democrats took control of the House of Representative in 2006, as the public turned against President Bush, I predicted that the Democrats were nonetheless facing an eventual day of reckoning. They had won their majorities in the House and Senate largely by recruiting scores of conservative “blue dog” Democrats. But these conservative Democrats were merely used as cannon fodder to support far-left legislation like Obamacare. As we faced a crisis of mounting government debt, these congressmen had to go back to their constituents and explain why they were still in favor of fiscal restraint, even as they support a president who keeps running trillion-dollar deficits. The result is that the Blue Dog Caucus in the House has been reduced from 54 members after the 2008 election to 26 after the 2010 election, and after November, it may be winnowed down to as few as 10 congressmen.

Paul Ryan summed up the trend after the 2010 election, and events are bearing him out: “Reagan Democrats are becoming Reagan Democrats again.” Democrats who are not adherents of the socialist hard left are becoming appalled at the out-of-control growth of government, and they will support any politician who has the will and the courage to rein it in.

You tell me if Barack Obama qualifies. And since he doesn’t, that is why the result in Wisconsin is very bad news for his re-election prospects.