Apparently Obama IS The Privileged 1% of The U.S. Government

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@TheDCVince Holder’s dog ate the documents. Obama ate the dog. Executive privilege. #FastandFurious

Developing: The “contempt” vote against AG Eric Holder is taking place in the US House of Representatives.

There are only two reasons to inject “executive privilege”. To either protect national security, or to protect the asses of those within the very top tier of the administration, including the one who props his dirty feet atop the Oval Office desk. This guy and his underlings really have been the most transparent administration EVAH!

Just a reminder regarding Obama’s views on “executive privilege”…

However, there are those that still insist on continuing to play to the sheeple by suggesting the previous administration is to blame for “Fast and Furious”, throwing ALL truth and facts out the window in favor of saving their savior and his apostles.

Justice Department letter to Rep. Issa regarding President Obama’s executive privilege on ‘Fast and Furious’ documents

And Holder advised Obama on executive privilege:

Attorney General Holder’s letter to President Obama requesting executive privilege on ‘Fast and Furious’ documents

Abosultely none of this would have flown during the previous administration. The MSM would never have allowed it to. Which leads me to, well, you know where

UPDATE: Weasel Zippers – Today: Obama Claims Executive Privilege Over Fast And Furious “Internal Deliberations – October 2011: Obama Says He Was Not Informed of F&F…

Be patient with the WZ link. The Drudge Report linked them, and they are handling even more traffic than usual.execpriv



9 thoughts on “Apparently Obama IS The Privileged 1% of The U.S. Government

  1. You know what this executive privilege BS tell me? Obama was personally involved in F&F, but since he’s officially denied it, he has to protect himself. He’s not holding on to this stinking albatross of an AG out of friendship or anything of the sort. It’s CYA time.

  2. Goes ALL the way to the top.

    It was not some good intentioned ‘sting’ op to nab Mexican drug cartels.

    It was designed as a catalyst by this admin., and the people behind it, to bypass the Second Amendment and start the engines of absolute gun control over us.

    And Hillary Clinton telegraphed it as such…

    Wed Mar 25, 2009: “U.S. to blame for much of Mexico violence: Clinton”

    Limbaugh is right now echoing on the radio what I have been saying about this for over a year.

    I believe Issa knows the root intent of the gunwalker op by the admin., possibly via the whistleblower, and needed the documents Holder and now the WH are protecting in order to expose the truth about the plan.

  3. Wherever Nixon is, he must be mighty pissed he didn’t have this kind of media to run interference for him. I mean, I know it’s obvious, but if Obama were a Republican, the media would be literally frothing at the mouth to get to the bottom of this mess. To the the MSM is corrupt is an understatement.

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