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Read any Cuban newspaper or magazine from the early and late fifties you’ll learn that fidel castro and his Rebeldes were the best thing since sliced bread. Almost every major media source in Cuba supported his campaign and published accolades about the man and his “fight for change.” Many major American news sources followed suit, too, following the lead of Herbert Matthews and The New York Times. And when fidel castro and his Rebeldes “won” against the evil Batista, Cubans took to the streets in celebration. They were ecstatic. They were giddy. They were awash with hope for their futures, for their children’s futures. For the future of their country. They were convinced. Convinced! After all, they had been ensured by their major media sources that the man sitting atop a tank riding into Havana was their savior.

Now, in retrospect, we all know the truth. The people of Cuba were hoodwinked. Taken in not just by charm, a beard and a grin, but by those whose jobs as journalists wasn’t just to report the truth, but to dig behind that charm and grin and find the facts. The Cuban press never vetted fidel castro. They bought the bill of goods, whether consciously or not, that the man was selling and they not only gave him a free ride, they bought him the tickets, first class.

Ironically, when reality finally slapped the silly out of that press and they began to come to terms with the fact that they had bought the snake oil, it was too late. The press were the first ones jackbooted by the very same man they put in control over them. To this day, over half a century later, the Cuban press has been irrelevant.

I felt compelled to mention the above because we’ve faced and are facing a similar situation here in the Land of the Free. Those of you who read this blog regularly know this. You or your families have already seen this movie playing out before us. We all know the plot, and, unfortunately, we are all more than familiar with the ending.

There can be no argument that the Mainstream Media – or Legacy Media if you prefer – was instrumental in the election of Barrack Obama. Just like the Cuban press of the fifties, the MSM sold this country on Obama’s Hope and Change without even so much as a second thought as to what that hope and change would be, what consequences for same we’d have to suffer through and, most importantly, what motives the peddler atop the soap box hath.

And, for the past three and a half years, that Media has carried water for the man they put in office. Barrack Obama can do no harm. Esta es tu casa, Barrack. And make no mistake, the MSM will continue to hood wink us. They are all in. Their relevancy is as stake.

It’s not all gloom and doom, tho, folks. We don’t have to suffer the same fate as my island of birth as long as we are all willing to do one thing. We have to heed the words of Andrew Breitbart and GO TO WAR.

We’ve got our work cut out for us and in many respects it’s pretty nasty trench warfare, but if we don’t do it now, we may never get another chance. Either we do our time in those trenches right now and gain back our ground, or our children will live in the trenches to hold what little ground we’d have left them.

A week ago today I was in Las Vegas at the RightOnline Convention put together by Americans for Prosperity. It was there that I had the honor and privilege of meeting some of our fellow warriors who are in the trenches alongside us. Politicos, bloggers, social media gurus…people who understand the severity of our situation and who are already waging war on all fronts. From helping true Conservatives get elected into local, state and federal offices to facing off against the media sycophants and helping them off that precipice of irrelevancy.

We need more troops to stave off the lies and hypocrisy of the Left and their Media allies. Our greatest weapon, the internet, has already been deployed. Man it. Stay informed, read your favorite blogs, pass the information along. Use your facebook. Tweet the shit out of the truth.

Had there been an internet fifty some odd years ago, fidel castro would have never taken power. Mull that over a bit.

Fifty-three years of desperation and repression avoided by keystrokes.