Cholera outbreak in Cuba kills two, dozens hospitalized

Café Fuerte is reporting that a cholera outbreak in the eastern Cuban city of Manzanillo has killed two and more than fifty people have been hospitalized. As usual, the Castro government has maintained strict silence on this deadly outbreak, but eyewitness accounts report dozens of people afflicted with the infection agonizing on stretchers in the local hospital hallways. Moreover, the sources on the island related that the outbreak has been exacerbated by a severe lack of medication at the hospital. Caused by ingesting contaminated water, cholera is a common disease found in third world countries.

The silence of the Cuban dictatorship is no surprise since the regime’s propaganda apparatus relies heavily on its farcical health care advances. Despite the Castro regime’s manufactured health statistics and claims that it provides “free” health care to all its citizens, the medical care available to non-elite members of Cuban society is at best dismal and at worst nonexistent. Recent outbreaks of dengue fever throughout the island further illustrate the woefully inadequate health services provided to common Cubans. The most advanced hospitals, doctors, and medicines are strictly reserved for high-ranking members of the Cuban regime, their family members, and tourists.

Naturally, the defenders and advocates of the Castro regime here in the U.S. (both paid and unpaid) will point to U.S. sanctions as the primary reason why Cuba does not have sufficient supplies of medication to control such outbreaks. The reality, however, tells a different story. Medicine has never been included on the list of prohibited items. The Cuban government is free to purchase all the medicine it desires from the U.S., and it does. Instead, it is the Castro regime’s policy of reserving items such as medication for its elite officials that is behind the shortages suffered by the Cuban people.

To provide further context, one only needs to look at the tourist resorts built and run by the Castro dictatorship in Cuba to illustrate the rampant apartheid that exists on the island. While many of Cuba’s citizens are forced to live in third-world conditions and exposed to hunger and easily prevented diseases such as cholera, the island’s more than 2-million yearly foreign visitors enjoy luxurious resorts, all-you-can-eat buffets, and the best Cuban health care their tourist dollars can buy.



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