Four from American Thinker

It’s Sunday so it must be time for my weekly compendium of excellent articles from American Thinker…

”An Iron Curtain Descends on Islamistan” by James Lewis (June 24, 2012)

“An Iron Curtain has descended over half of Europe” said Winston Churchill’s in his historic Iron Curtain speech of 1946. It was ominous news for the West, but millions of people at that time were adult enough to listen. Unfortunately, we do not live in a time for adults today. We have certifiable ignoramuses demonstrating against “capitalism” in the streets, with an equally perverse and ignorant media telling us how wonderful those educated half-wits are.


Today an invisible but very harsh Iron Curtain is dropping over a billion people of Islamistan — the nation-states ruled by Islamic law, Shari’ah, to one degree or another.

But we have no Churchill to sound the alarm. Like FDR at Yalta, Western leaders are actively selling our interests out to radical Islam’s ruthless tyranny over men, women, children and religious dissenters. With Obama’s “Arab Spring,” the Koranic Curtain has slammed down from Tunisia to Egypt, Turkey and Iran— and all the little Shari’ahstans in London, Paris, and New York. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

Those societies are now falling backwards, backwards into the iron rule of Shari’ah law, and the Western media and politicians who know all about it are deadly afraid to tell the truth. We have no Churchills today, but reality doesn’t care. Harsh realities are not for our politicians or news media. Look at Greece: Realists have known they were eating their seed corn for decades. It’s only the politicians and “news” media who are acting surprised. We are as easily lied to as the Greeks. Their fate is ours if Obama is re-elected.


Today we have the best armed forces in the world, but our politicians are moral surrender monkeys. The world knows it. When even the most brilliant armed forces are run by liberal wobblies we get mushed into pure shark bait. Sun Tzu knew that, and the Muslim conquerors of the Persian and Byzantine Empires knew it. War means deception, as desert warrior Mohammed wrote in the Koran. If your enemy is stupid, decadent and ignorant, they will surrender without a fight. First you lie to them. Then you kill them if you can.

Welcome to the world of media-bullied American morons. Our children are our medieval peasants, kept in mental darkness for their own good. But they are told they’ve got all the answers — like peace and love forever — because they watch late night agit-prop from the likes of sleazocrat Bill Maher. Those kids are the smartest people they know. Really. They’ve got an opinion on everything and know absolutely nothing. They are the ones demonstrating on Obama’s command against capitalism, which has fed and nurtured them all their lives.

Put those facts together, and you get today’s mortal danger to civilized life, the life we take for granted. Women’s rights? t’s a lost cause in Islamastan. Homosexual tolerance? It is gone among a billion people in the world, and the ideological tide of homosexual oppression has now spread to London, Berlin and Stockholm, where Gay Pride Parades are taken as just another piece of Western decadence. . The Gay Revolution is under attack, and when the forces of Shari’ah are strong enough they will abolish gay and women’s rights wherever they can. You can predict it, and you can see it happen.

The Left will be silent, because the Left has a secret love affair with radical Islam, and they’ve always been happy to sacrifice their allies for power. (The atheist Left is in the crosshairs, too, of course, as are Christians and Jews. But the atheists deserve death under Islamic law, while People of the Book will be tolerated as despised minorities.)

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, people of the world. It tolls for thee.

China, India and Russia will survive the onslaught, because they have resistance to Muslim imperialism built into their genes, having been infected before, and developed immunity after dreadful suffering. The Western world of useful idiots love to be lied to, and they will fall like corn stalks before the sickle of resurgent Islam. Imperialism is as imperialism does.

The harem is an Iron Curtain, and it is the prison that divides the House of War (the West and the rest) from the House of Peace (peace by submission, the lands of Muslim power). Add a 21st century propaganda campaign fueled by oil dollars to the Saudis and Gulf states, a huge missionary campaign by the Wahhabi priesthood in Arabia to export the most extreme desert throwback version of Islam to the West, and finally, add a billion mind-zonked morons in the West, symbolized by The Won bowing down low to King Abdullah of the desert sands, and we have a civilizational threat as dangerous as the rise of Leninism in Soviet Russia in 1917.

9/11 was not the end. It was only the beginning.

* * *

”The Ghosts of Liberal Pieties” by Christopher Chantrill (June 26, 2012)

[…] Now, if I were a visitor from Mars, the first thing I would notice is that our society spends trillions of dollars on seniors like me while fobbing off young people with a lousy education that confines them in government child custodial facilities for many years, saddles them with gigantic debt that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, and then tosses them out into a job market with no jobs. If I were a young person today, I’d be crying out to the reverberate hills for justice.

On the Invisible Hand worldview, there is certainly recognition that the industrial economy can and does cause suffering and exploitation. But it takes the Exploitation worldview to gin up genuine injustice, Fidel. Typically, the ruling class has no idea what is wrong. It is too busy congratulating itself for its heroic fight against injustice a century ago.

That is not to say our liberal friends are evil people. It’s just that when they fill up their minds with heartwarming tales from the modern Foxe’s Book of Liberal Martyrs, they might be missing something. […]

What they’re missing is a brain…

* * *

”Still a BFD, Obama Loses” by William L. Gensert (June 30, 2012)

[…] A majority of Americans do not support this legislation and in fact want it repealed. Does anyone think that the more people understand what it will cost them and their families, support will increase? Yet that doesn’t matter to Obama — see the grin?

I think the lower threshold for repeal will come back to haunt proponents of the legislation. In theory, a repeal of the ACA could be on the president’s desk before November’s election — there are quite a few Senate Democrats up for re-election this year. The 51-vote threshold for repeal is not an impossibility.

This would force Barack Obama to explain why he supports the country’s greatest tax increase of all time and how raising taxes on the middle class is now acceptable. Will he still look like a winner then?

The Supreme Court decision hands the president’s political opponents the perfect case for the November election. Barack Obama is a liar, whose only policy seems to be to tax and spend. Oh…and he managed to destroy health care in the process.

The president is right: this is a BFD.

* * *

”Will American Liberals Ever Wake Up?” by W.A. Beatty (June 30, 2012)

America is in the throes of a presidential campaign that presents real hope for the future of America (Romney) versus the same-old, same-old (Obama). While it appears right now that Obama and his socialist policies will lose in November, America will still be faced with many problems that have crept into society in the past fifty years.

While America has many liberal-caused problems, let’s examine just three of them: welfare, race relations, and education.


Will liberals ever wake up and face the facts that their ideas and policies don’t work? How many times must they be shown that policies they implement have never worked? You would think that fifty years would be long enough for them to view the results of their labors. But in the face of what their policies have wrought, their only response is that America has not spent enough money! For liberals, evidence be damned — it’s their policies that count.