Hey Discovery Channel?…Any Shark Attacks off Cuba?

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Some items to consider:

* For decades The Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” has posted the network’s highest ratings. “There were 56 fatal shark attacks in Australia between 1958 and 2008!” gasps the Discovery narrator.

* One of the biggest White Sharks ever landed on earth was caught off Cuba’s town of Cojimar in 1945.

* None of these showboating record-seeking swimmers ( Palfrey, Nyad,) dares swim across the Florida straits without a shark cage or an electric “Shark Shield”–along with an escort of shark-watchers in surrounding boats.

*Bay of Pigs veteran Arturo Cobo who has run Key West’s Hogar de Tránsito para los Refugiados Cubanos for decades estimates that 70,000 Cubans have died in various horrifying ways while attempting to cross the Florida straits in various types of rickety floating contraptions.

Would it be unreasonable to suggest that these Florida Straits have witnessed 56 fatal Shark attacks every couple of years over the past four decades?

Couldn’t the Discovery Channel (or any number of production companies) find dozens if not hundreds of witnesses to these attacks in South Florida for a “Shark Week” special?

So where’s the Discovery Channel?

Partnering with Castro, of course.

Would a Shark show of the type suggested above sit well with the apparatchiks who grant Discovery’s frequent Cuba visas– for what amount to Cuba tourism infomercials?

Several Cuban-regime apparatchiks are interviewed in Discovery’s Castro infomercial (He cleansed Cuba of “gambling, prostitution…Yankee exploitation…blah…blah.)

But fear NOT! Because, over on this side, Huber Matos, Max Lesnik and Norberto Fuentes offer the documentary’s “balance.” It’s an old story. For a Cuban to be consulted by documentarians and academics he must prove beyond all reasonable doubt that he’s either a scoundrel or an idiot. Now if he proves BOTH?

Then he becomes a media darling and Cuba-“Expert” overnight.