Another Hiss-panic for Obama… Ay Dios mio! … Or should one say Lateeenah instead? … Or Womanista?

eva longoria

From Breitbart:

Desperate housewife and key representative of the Lateenoh “race” reveals that she is a deep thinker, indeed.

But no one in the news media  seems to care whether she was allowed to handle cutlery at Obama fundraising dinners.

(see here for more on that knife-and-fork issue)

Eva Longoria, a national co-chair of President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, can’t imagine why a woman would pull the lever for a Republican.

“I don’t think it’s a hard choice if you’re a woman,” said Longoria during an Obama campaign event in Colorado over the weekend, according to The Denver Post.  “We have to get out there and tell (others) ‘If you’re a woman, there is no way you can vote Republican.’”

Outside of the venue where Longoria spoke, the “Desperate Housewives” star was greeted by women who do vote Republican.They were clad in Mitt Romney T-shirts.

Suzie Terrell who co-chairs She-PAC, a group that supports conservative women running for elected office and whose clout is increasing, could not disagree more with Longoria.

Terrell told Breitbart News that “Longoria is off the mark” and her “comments underscore the desperate, unfounded remarks the Democrats have to make because they have nothing of substance to offer women.”

“Women will decide this election, and they are smart enough and concerned enough to know that future generations are at risk because of the failed policies of the Obama administration: healthcare policy that adds to debt, joblessness that adds to debt, foreign policy that scares our allies, and overall disrespect for the constitution of our country,” Terrell said. “To assure a better future, women must vote Republican.”



8 thoughts on “Another Hiss-panic for Obama… Ay Dios mio! … Or should one say Lateeenah instead? … Or Womanista?

  1. How interesting. Longoria [the er, uh, “feminist”] is objectifying herself on the cover of that “eewww,” men’s magazine, GQ, all skimped out in a leather mini-dress looking as if she’s going to tear her top off and expose her breasts to [GASP!] men!

    But, alas, Republicans are an easy target. Attacking Republicans is as easy as attacking “those people” from Miami. And it’s not going to hurt her in the line of business that she works. In Lala land, knocking Republicans might even get her better roles and garner her awards.

  2. Carlos, now, now! NOT HISS-PANIC. HISS-PANIC is too European! We proud, brown La-teen-ohs reject all connections to Europe! We are the “cosmic race”, we are proud members of ATZLAN, descendants of the AZTECS and Mayans–ancient rulers of the world!

    By the way, it doesn’t matter that the Spaniards, Italians, Portuguese and even the French are all Latinos. We do not recognize them as Latinos, no matter how much anthropology and history refutes us! Universities, after all, only teach white history! We are the only LA-TEEN-OHS. VIVA LA RAZA! And don’t call us “Hiss-panics!”

  3. Well, if being a tool works, somebody’s always gonna work it. I just hope, for her sake, she doesn’t actually believe the BS she’s peddling.

  4. But of course she’s a real feminist. Not a hypocrite at all. I’m sure she always dresses like that and is always on the verge of exposing her boobs (or her implants, which seems more likely). I mean, hell, she’s gotta sell what she can.

  5. We may have another Harry Belafonte in the making here, ’cause the sexpot gig won’t last forever, and a girl, excuse me, a Woman, needs a Plan B.

  6. I’ve seen hookers on 8th St. look less obvious than this. Not by much, mind you, but still.

  7. You gotta hand it to these people, though: their smug arrogance and crass insolence never wavers. I’m always struck by how VERY inappropriate they can be while apparently unaware that they’re coming across REALLY badly. It must be a form of mental retardation.

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