Cuba: Cholera cases jump to 85

Juan Tamayo in the Boston Herald:

Cuba reports more cholera cases

MIAMI — The number of cholera cases confirmed in eastern Cuba jumped from 30 to 85 over the weekend but the death toll remained at three, one government official said, although independent reports put the number of deaths as high as 15.

As many as five other cases of cholera also were unofficially reported in Havana, and dissidents in Guantanamo near the eastern tip of the island reported cholera-like cases in Caimanera, a village on the edge of the U.S. naval base.

The state-owned TV station in Granma province, where the outbreak has hit hardest, suggested that residents avoid traveling outside the area, and trucks with loudspeakers urged them to boil water and wash their hands often, two residents said.

Public health officials in the British-run Cayman Islands, just south of Granma, issued a advisory against travel to Cuba, and U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., warned potential travelers that visiting the island “may put them at risk of becoming ill with cholera.”

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta had not issued any special travel notices on Cuba as of Monday evening. Its Web page recommends only general vaccinations, like those for Hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever and rabies.

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4 thoughts on “Cuba: Cholera cases jump to 85

  1. Please. Who cares about some dead slaves? They don’t even work anyway. Besides, if things get out of hand, Castro, Inc. can always count on aid from abroad, which of course it will use for whatever it damn well pleases–as always. Never let a crisis go to waste.

  2. My elderly uncle had one of the first cases of Cholera in Havana. He died last year, so the despotic regime has been keeping this hush for a long time. It came out now, because they couldn’t keep the lid on any more. That said, as Asombra points out, “who cares about the dead slaves?”

    Also, why hasn’t the Obama administration emitted some sort of warning to the countless revelers [oops, I mean, people-to-people democracy envoys] who visit Cuba? I’ve noticed that the Doyenne of American Newspapers, the Old Gray Hag, hasn’t mentioned it as of yet. The NYT’s that is always so quick to jump the gun and editorialize about this or that. In fact, the few newspapers who have mentioned the cholera outbreak have been very matter-of-fact. You think that they warn the onslaught of Americans who are going to Cuba. Look how they warned everyone about Swine Flu in Mexico even though it wasn’t as widespread as Cholera in Cuba. The American MSM seriously harmed the Mexican tourism economy that relies on tourism from us, and it didn’t matter how much Mexico complained, they kept harping on Swine Flu in Mexico. But Cuba, nah, that’s a different case.

    I hope that a few of those brave and self-abnegating American and Canadian “people-to-people” envoys come back with Cholera from Cuba. You know, during one of their people-to-people contacts with some jinetera or pinguero.

  3. “By the way, the last known outbreak of cholera in Cuba was in 1882. As in 130 years ago.”

    Yes, Asombra, but don’t tell that to the mainstream media that get their information and statistics from the NGO’s and the Cuba experts that publish reports from the misleading and deceptive information that they get directly from castro [since fifo doesn’t allow independent foreign medical personal to assess the situation for themselves], or from the organized Potemkin Village visits to Cuba American reporters, politicians and medical professionals make all of the time.

    To them, this is undoubtedly an anomaly somehow brought on by the American embargo. Cuba is still a medical powerhouse that puts the US and Western Europe to shame.

    By the way, when is the foreign aid to help the cholera victims going to start? When is some Cuba expert or Saladrigas going to start screaming and crying? Cuba needs that foreign currency to help the er, uh, victims of this horrible disease.

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