Lateeeno wisdom and graciousness courtesy of “Lateeeno spokesperson” Jorge Lopez


“Hey, sheriff Joe in Arizona – f–k you, you f–king puto!…How about that?! F–k you. You fat mother f–ker! F–k you. I said I was going to talk some s–t!. . F–k you Sheriff Joe, you f–king puto! F–k you. F–k you!”

Lopez’ entire graciousness from our friends at NewsBusters here.

(listen to the ROAR and ovation of approval when Lopez mentions Obama!)

Hate to break the news, but everywhere over.0000076 millimeters from Miami-Dade borders most people associate Jorge Lopez with us. After all, we share a Spanish surname don’t we?

SO I DEMAND equal-treatment! I DEMAND genuine color-blindness! I DEMAND that folks start equating a perfectly English-named “Lionel Washington” in a police line-up and an antiseptically Anglo-named Clive Campbell with England and Anglo-Saxondom! You can’t get names more properly English than those, after all.

Also: IMAGINE(!!!) the media UPROAR(!!!) if a “celebrity” Romney-backer spewed such UNSPEAKABLE(!!!) “hate-speech” against a Democratic figure.




4 thoughts on “Lateeeno wisdom and graciousness courtesy of “Lateeeno spokesperson” Jorge Lopez

  1. This entire “Hispanic” [oops!! I don’t want to offend MALDEF or National Council of la Raza, “Hispanic” sounds too European you know!], “Laateeno” thing started with a Mexican American legislator back in the 1970’s when he introduced a bill that passed that stated that all Spanish speaking people be referred to as “Hispanics” not “Mexican-Americans, or whatever their nationality was.” Apparently, this congressman felt that Mexicans-Americans were being vilified in the media and other sources of information every time that a Mexican committed a crime and his background was blurted out. Hey, what’s wrong with that? Save the Mexicans and drag everybody with a Spanish surname down at the same time! Meanwhile, the leftist “lateeno” intelligentsia felt that “Hispanic” was just too European sounding, so they demanded that we all be called “Lateeno!”

    So, welcome to thirdworldness, to perpetual underclassness, and to perpetual minority status. We are now “Lateenos” and it doesn’t matter if our ancestors are 100% Galicians or Asturians [who are by the way CELTS!!!] we are joined at the hip with African-Americans and native Americans and are deemed to have more in common with Rigoberto Menchu and Lionel Washington!

  2. Latino? Looks Pakistani to me. But yes, he’s perfect plantation material. Anyhow, this is the sort of coarse, lowlife boor that would scream obscenities about anyone or anything as long as it was PC (read safe) enough and potentially useful to his image and career, such as they are. But, since he has no actual talent, he has to maintain his dubious celebrity by dubious means, and as so often happens with such people, he winds up trying too hard and becoming a loud, crude and obnoxious caricature, the kind of stereotype near and dear to condescending, patronizing libs. I’m sure Rosie O’Donnell would understand perfectly. To say he’s embarrassing is an understatement. The “la raza” crowd can have him; I want nothing to do with him or anyone of the sort.

  3. I’m disgusted at the thought that “Mr. Lateeeno,” George Lopez’s ex-wife in reality was a Cuban American by the name of Ann Serrano [ugh, what was she thinking???]. By the way, she had at one point donated one of her kidney’s to him. Yet, rumors are flying that he cheated on her with hookers. I’m sure that she’s regretting her generosity to him.

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