A Reality Check

Either if you hate JFK and his rejection to support the Bay of Pigs invasion or not, it doesn’t really matter. This is history and a historical speech that only proves the Castro regime’s lifelong dream of destroying America. This is their top priority and is an ongoing threat. These missile silos would have been built anyway and how the Castro regime were able to get so deep into construction without the United States knowledge, still baffles the mind. Many people have forgotten the Missile Crisis because of time but for those Castro adoring so-called Americans who are in favor of lifting the embargo, amnesia takes over. It’s the same Castro regime that is still controlling Cuba right now, there hasn’t been any change at all, the threat is always there.

Most Cuban-Americans would say that Kennedy mishandled the Cuban Missile Crisis and I personally agree but by no means, does it take away the intentions of the Castro regime and their ambitious destructive perversion of destroying the “American Dream.” There are many Liberal-Left-Che Loving-Socialist fools who were not born yet and actually don’t know anything about the Cuban Missile Crisis. The atmosphere, according to them, is changing in Cuba. They actually feel the Castro regime is changing their ways, turning towards a democracy. They should pickup their history books and/or start by watching this video. Nothing in Cuba has changed and nothing will, as long as the same Castro regime depicted in this video is still around. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!



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  1. John Kennedy did not “mishandle” the Cuban Missile Crisis. He got what he wanted: emerging like a hero who the Russians were afraid of and winning a landslide mid-term election a week later for the Democratic Party. In exchange, he allowed a Soviet combat brigade to remain in Cuba indefinitely and under “Operation Pot Pie” quietly withdrew 64 US nuclear missiles from Great Britain, 30 from Italy and 15 from Turkey. Kennedy publicly promised that the U.S. would never invade Cuba and applied the Neutrality Act against Cubans fighting against the Castro dictatorship. The “Kennedy-Khrushchev Understandings” of 1962, that served as the basis for this betrayal of Cuban freedom, is still a partially classified document.

  2. Folks,

    Cuban exile, Eugenio de Sosa Chabau, who fled Cuba after two decades as a political prisoner ADVISED President John F. Kennedy (from a Cuban prison at great risk to his life) about Soviet missiles in Cuba. “Sosa Chabau a scion of one of Cuba’s oldest families went to school with John F. Kennedy in the 1930s, owned a prosperous sugar mill, and directed Havana’s leading newspaper before Fidel Castro took power.”

    Cuban exiles, while risking their lives, gathered enough information in Cuba to present to the U.S. government about the missiles arriving in Cuba from Russia. That information was ignored. It was considered JUST rampant rumors. The Kennedy administration ignored all reports. It wasn’t until October 1962 that flying U-2 planes confirmed the truth. The Kennedy administration could have saved itself a lot of griefs if they had only taken ACTION when first advised about the missile build up in Cuba from JUST other Cuban exiles.

    Cuban exile advised the U.S. about Cuba’s electronic spying facility at Lourdes, Cuba. It wasn’t until Stanislas Lunev, a former colonel in the Soviet military intelligence agency GRU, brought it up that the U.S. started to take notice. I believe today the Chinese have control of that facility.

    Cuban exile: Juan Vivés, “a former Cuban intelligence officer who defected, claims that, for several years after the missile crisis, Castro unsuccessfully tried to build his own missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons. For the ultra secret project he recruited military engineers and professors from Cuban universities. The missile, a sort of primitive V-1 bomb similar to the one developed by the Nazis, would use a MiG-21 jet motor. The testing of the prototypes of the Cuban missile, called libertadoras, (liberators) was a series of failures, but in1977 the project was still active.”

    Cuban exile: “Juan Antonio Rodríguez Menier has said that he positively knows that Castro has been actively seeking the possibility of having nuclear weapons. Menier’s claims have been corroborated by other sources. According to these sources, in the mid-1980s Castro began a highly secret nuclear-bomb research project.”
    Cuban exile: General Rafael del Pino Díaz, the highest ranking Cuban defector advised the U.S. in 1983 of castro’s plan to bomb Turkey Point Nuclear Plant.

    Cuban exile: Ex-Cuban intelligence Major Florentino Azpillaga, the highest ranking Cuban intelligence defector “was convinced that Castro was working on a program of bacteriological warfare.” This was corroborated by “Russian Scientist Ken Alibek who said he is convinced that Castro’s bacteriological warfare program is at the same technological level of any European country, or even the United States.”
    These are just a few bits of information JUST another Cuban exile has passed on to the United States. Many in the U.S. government and the MSM just choose to ignore it.

    It is what it is….

  3. I believe that for whatever reason–that I cannot fathom–the US wants castro in power. As firefly pointed out, castro’s ceaseless hostility to the USA spams decades. Yet, the US does not consider castro a threat and every time that Cuban exiles have warned the US government, they have ignored the warnings. Does it make sense? No.

    One thing makes sense, if one continues to make the same mistake over and over again [the US’s policy of appeasement, capitulation and ignoring castro’s threats] then one is either stupid or simply not forthright. I don’t think that the US government and its intelligence forces [that can find a needle in a haystack] are stupid. I think that they are not forthright.

  4. JFK was a disastrous mix of delusional arrogance, inexperience, ignorance, ineptitude and a VERY twisted moral compass, based on a sense of absolute entitlement to whatever he desired, whether that was sexual gratification or political elevation. It absolutely did not matter what means had to be used to achieve his ends; he was simply entitled to get what he wanted because he was JFK, regardless of what harm that might entail for other people, even for an entire country like Cuba. We are talking about a very severe and advanced case of hubris, which would have seemed even more grotesque and repulsive if it had not been wrapped in youth, superficial physical and personal appeal, noble-sounding rhetoric and fawning adoration from a besotted media and an infatuated public. As is now abundantly clear, the whole Kennedy family was sick, and quite prepared to foist its pathology onto others as if it were a Kennedy right.

  5. If I may be permitted to make a friendly reading suggestion, I recommend everyone peruse an essay on sycophantic Kennedy hero-worship by the journalist Malcolm Muggeridge in his book “The Most of Malcolm Muggeridge.”

    You can find the book for cheap on the Internet. The JFK essay is ALONE worth the cost of purchasing it. He does to Kennedy mythology pretty much what the Romans did to Carthage.

  6. Kennedy mythology, like Che mythology, only goes to show how easy it can be to manipulate and deceive HUGE numbers of people who are presumably adults of normal intelligence, tolerable education and more or less decent morality. The older I get, the more it strikes me how very, VERY weak-minded FAR too many people clearly are. The problem is, I’m not sure that can be remedied.

  7. The really interesting matter is to note the prevalence of extraordinarily silly notions among people of very high intelligence. Some of those people are certainly immune, but the sheer number of individuals with impressive IQs who nonetheless talk utter malarkey is startling.

    To complete the irony lap, many such people pride themselves on not accepting popular “superstitions” like religious faith or patriotism. Perhaps some average schmo believes in UFOs, but the average sociology professor believes in some variant of socialism. Which of these beliefs does more damage?

    The premise that human beings, including ourselves, are basically not rational and have to work at intellectual coherence is an admittedly tough conclusion, but I think it’s altogether warranted.

  8. Asombra,

    Great description and analysis of the JFK–may he burn in Hell for all eternity. By the way, if I hear “Camelot” mentioned one more time in relationship to his name, I’m going to regurgitate whatever I ate.

  9. Things would have been very different for Cuba if Richard Nixon had won the presidential election in 1960.

    We can all thank the Mayor of Chicago, Richard Joseph Daley and Chicago Mob boss Sam Giancana for stealing Illinois and giving it to Kennedy. Voter fraud was rampant throught the state. But then, we all know that if you live in Illinois, You never really DIE.

    By the way, the former Mayor of Chicago, Richard M. Daley – and Obama’s buddy- is the son of Richard Joseph Daley. He served as mayor of Chicago for 22 years. His father served for 21 years. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  10. “Nothing but refugee rumors,” sneered JFK’s National Security advisor, McGeorge Bundy on ABC’s Issues and Answers on October 14, 1962. “Nothing in Cuba presents a threat to the United States,” continued the Ivy League luminary, barely masking his scorn for these hot-headed and deceitful Cubans and their sensational reports of missiles. “There’s no likelihood that the Soviets or Cubans would try and install an offensive capability in Cuba,” he scoffed.

    “There’s fifty-odd-thousand Cuban refugees in this country,” sneered President Kennedy himself the following day, “all living for the day when we go to war with Cuba. They’re the ones putting out this kind of stuff.”

    Exactly 48 hours later U-2 photos sat on the President’s desk revealing those “refugee rumors,” complete with nuclear warheads, and pointed directly at Bundy, JFK and their entire staff of sagacious Ivy League wizards.

    “We ended up getting exactly what we’d wanted all along,” snickered Khrushchev in his memoirs regarding Kennedy’s “resolution” of the resulting “crisis.”: “Security for Fidel Castro’s regime and American missiles removed from Turkey. Until today, the U.S. has complied with her promise to not interfere with Castro and to not allow anyone else to interfere with Castro”


  11. Very Unreal Humberto, what about operation mongoose, CIA blunders galore. Firefly, with a great point which I always makes me wonder, what if? Nixon, who lost by a mere 1%, would have supported and aided the Bay of Pigs invasion. A much different outcome and no missile crisis. Remember, it was Nixon who met Fidel at the white house, and what did he think of him? But this is what happened and why I placed the video there, it’s history.

    If the Castro regime is presented with this golden opportunity again, they will take it in a heartbeat. Afterwards Johnson sends American soldiers half way around the world to defend South Vietnam and Cuba is 90 miles away. Unreal!

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