The best I’ve read on yesterday’s horror (UPDATED)

From Ace of Spades.

One would think we have learned nothing from the 20th century.

Among the various news reports and statements by officials today, in the wake of the Aurora shootings, is a constant refrain that the shooter himself, James Holmes, is obviously insane, deranged, or otherwise non compos mentis — indeed, that only a person so afflicted could carry out this act.

Horseshit. And I use that word very deliberately.

Did we somehow forget the tens of millions of people imprisoned, tortured, experimented upon, savagely raped, and/or killed in a variety of manners by Communist, Imperial (Japan), and Nazi governments? That this mass torture, rape and murder required extensive planning and prolonged effort by thousands of men and women who were otherwise well-educated, sane, rational, and from long-established civilizations? That people of high sanity and cultural refinement are capable of ordering, overseeing, and even carrying out absolutely horrific acts? The fact that equally horrific acts — though on a smaller scale — occur on a daily basis throughout much of the world, often approved or even carried out by the local government officials? (And let’s not get into the child sex traffic among UN peacekeepers.)

Why, then, do we immediately assume Holmes is insane, when frankly all the evidence indicates otherwise? You do not complete an undergrad degree in neuroscience — and then get accepted to grad school for a PhD in the same — while being unable to understand exactly what you are doing. […]

The liberal/”progressive” politically correct culture that embraces more and more gun control, and that demonizes citizens that have handguns, is indirectly responsible for this tragedy. Cinemark, the chain that owns the theater where the murders took place, has a “gun-free zone” policy in their theaters, thereby eliminating the only possible defense that could have, at least, attempted to stop Holmes from murdering 12 and wounding 58. I don’t care how much body armor he was wearing, someone could have at least temporarily delayed his rampage and saved some lives.

I was struck yesterday, watching the live coverage from Denver TV, by the inability of some of the news anchors and reporters and survivors of using the word “evil” in describing Holmes. This lack of understanding — whether willful or ignorant — of the opposing forces in our world is one of the reasons we have so many tragedies, as the Ace writer succinctly states.

My $0.02.

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The Diplomad weighs in. I wholeheartedly concur.

Gun Control, Morlocks, and Elois

H.G. Wells’ Morlocks are among us. We saw it in Colorado yesterday. The expected cries have gone out from the leftists; they demand that we become even more like the Eloi. We should all rely on the state to protect us from the Morlocks.

The horrid shooting in Aurora has generated the usual cries for “gun control” from the usual crowd. The advocates of gun control seem to ignore that the movie theater in Aurora was the epitome of a gun controlled world. It was a microcosm of what the gun controllers want for all of us. I would hazard to guess that 99.9% of the people in that theater that night did not have guns with them. They relied on the odds, the police, the theater management, the “kindness of strangers” to protect them from any possible Morlock in their midst. We saw what happened that night, and we see what happens every night in the liberal hell known as Chicago: the Eloi die.

Fight the gun laws. Learn to shoot. Learn to protect yourself and your family. Remember the real lessons of Aurora.



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  1. Excellent George.
    I am betting that Obama is longing to use this as a pretext for more gun control and getting guns away from us.
    He is showing restraint by not saying it yet. But just as I am sure the left will find a way to use this to demonize the right, I am sure Obama will eventually start talking about getting guns out of our hands.
    I wonder how that gun free policy is looking now to those guys.

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