Embassies must protect crash survivors

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Embassies Must Protect Paya Crash Survivors
As we previously posted, Cuban pro-democracy leader Oswaldo Paya was killed in a car accident in Bayamo, when his car was rammed.

According to Paya’s family, he was the victim of a similar accident two weeks ago. The family decided to keep it silent at the time.

Thus, there’s an obvious pattern, which raises questions of whether this was in fact an “accident.”

There is a Swedish (Aron Modig)and Spanish (Angel Carromero Barrios) survivor of today’s crash, who were accompanying Paya.

Modig is the President of Sweden’s Christian Democratic Youth League and Carromero Barrios is Vice-President of the Partido Popular’s New Generations.

It’s imperative that their Embassies protect them, so the truth can prevail.

The Castro regime currently has the provincial hospital in Bayamo surrounded by police forces.



7 thoughts on “Embassies must protect crash survivors

  1. This “accident” obviously looks intentional, but why so clumsy and clearly suspect, even more so than Laura Pollán’s death? Is the regime so brazenly certain it can get away with anything? Is it trying to make sure nobody misses the implied threat to anti-regime elements? And why Payá, who apparently was not a major threat, though he had been more vocal lately?

  2. The Castro brothers are killing the opposition members one by one while POTUS looks the other way while rewarding them with more unilateral concessions.

    The time has come for all the Cuban-American lawmakers to stand-up to POTUS and condemn him for his obvious complicity in the matter.

    Let’s call a spade for what it is…

  3. Remember that Laura Pollán, not long before she died, was also involved in a very suspicious “accident” while riding in a car, which was evidently meant to intimidate her. Since it did not, well, you know what happened.

  4. It’s been suggested on another blog that while the “accident” was clearly provoked by the regime, it may not have been intended to be fatal, only intimidation, but that since it took place in Oriente, where the local element is notably less “sophisticated” than in Havana, the operation was bungled and went too far. It’s certainly speculation, but it sounds plausible enough.

  5. People from Oriente (eastern end of Cuba), where this “accident” took place, have long had a reputation as none-too-bright hotheads. In Cuba they’re now derisively called “Palestinians.” As someone said on another blog, sending an “Oriental” to scare somebody is like sending a Sicilian to do it–the outcome is most likely to be a dead body. I personally favor that this was a botched intimidation attempt. The regime cannot be so stupid as to commit such an obvious murder deliberately, especially with Europeans riding in the same car.

  6. Payá’s brother, who now lives in Spain, says the deceased was involved in a similar “accident” about a month ago.

  7. Very plausible. Sounds like botched intimidation to me also. Whatever. Nothing–absolutely NOTHING (of substance)–will come of it. The money will continue flowing to the regime. Watch.

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