Surprise, surprise, surprise……!!!!

Jens Aron Modig, Swedish hostage in Havana

Jens Aron Modig, Swedish hostage in Havana

From ABC in Spain: (read here, in Spanish)

As Gomer Pyle used to say: surprise, surprise, surprise !!!!

Jens Aron Modig, the young Swedish politician who was traveling with Oswaldo Payá and survived Sunday’s “accident” with minor injuries, is being detained in Havana, at an undisclosed location.  The Swedish embassy is keeping its lips sealed, and is simply saying that they hope he can return home as soon as possible.   Those who are familiar with the modus operandi of Castrolandia are not surprised, but the European media are expressing shock and dismay over this flagrant violation of the young man’s human rights.

Modig is no mere tourist.  As president of Sweden’s Christian Democratic Youth League (KDU), he is a top-notch hostage.  And so is his Spanish traveling companion, Angel Carromerro, Vice-Secretary of the Popular Party’s youth league, New Generations.   Both of these young men are more than golden bargaining chips.  They were not just eyewitnesses, but participants in “the accident.”  While the rulers of Castrolandia may have been willing to snuff out their lives along with those of two Cuban dissidents, they are now certainly eager to make the most of this Kafkaesque situation.

Over the next few days and weeks, it will be interesting to see what the Spanish and Swedish governments do for these two very unlucky young men.  Let’s hope they aren’t as ineffective as the Obama administration has been with poor Alan Gross.
Over the next few days and weeks, it will be interesting to see what the Spanish and Swedish governments do for these two very unlucky young men.  Let’s hope they aren’t as ineffective as the Obama administration has been with poor Alan Gross.

Only one thing is certain at this point:  the rulers of Castrolandia are already claiming their pound of flesh, secure in the knowledge that no one in the world will dare to seriously challenge them, and certain that they have much to gain.

Oh, wait…. I forgot….one more thing is certain: The news media of the “free world” will do absolutely nothing to get to the bottom of this tragic story.



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  1. Here’s how this story will likely unfold: Carromerro has probably already been told that he is responsible for the deaths of the two passengers in the vehicle that he was driving. Unless he signs an accident account already prepared for him by the Castro dynasty, he will be charged with two counts of manslaughter and faces at least ten years in prison. Modig will be given a similar accident report to sign, so that the two accounts coincide, and told that if he does not sign it, Carromerro will be charged with manslaughter. Both of these men, although well intended, do not seem to me to have the character of steel needed to face the pressure from the dictatorship. They will probably cave in, just like Alan Gross denounced the U.S. government before being sentenced in the hope of getting a lighter term.

  2. I think the Castros are not going to let these two guys out of Cuba even if they sign whatever is put in front of them. Once they are out they may tell a convincing tale of what actually happened and explain why they signed whatever. Or maybe they will keep Carromero for 10 years and tell Modig that if he speaks when he leaves Cuba Carromerro will get sick in jail and die. Leave it to the Castros, they are experts at this.

  3. They’re both young, naive and totally unprepared to deal with a totalitarian monster. They’ll do whatever it takes to get out of Cuba, and their governments will encourage them to play ball with Castro, Inc. because that will also be much easier and convenient for said governments. Nobody wants an Alan Gross situation, and let’s face it, nobody is especially serious about helping Cuba, particularly if there’s a price to pay.

    As for the international media, well, so what else is new? Yes, they’re hypocrites and yes, they have a blatant double standard. Very old story.

  4. In Witness, Whittaker Chambers seminal book for the 20th century, there is a recurring phrase about many different associates of Chambers’ with no commentary on it, “I never saw him again.”
    It is so chilling every time you see it and understand its implication. Yet to this day there is so little interest in fearing communism or even in recognizing its horrors in other places. At least that has been my experience.

  5. If, in fact, the “accident” took place as the official version has it, why weren’t the survivors immediately brought forth to confirm it publicly? Is it because they’re not yet “reliable” enough to say what the regime wants said, and they have to be, you know, persuaded to say it?

  6. When is >>>>ANYONE<<<<< going to stand up to these two old fart bullies in the Caribbean once and for all???

    They seem to get away with impunity, and EVERYONE acts so damned crazzzzzy scared of these two A-HOLES!

    Engaged in drug trafficking.
    Killed Americans in international waters.
    Holding hostage an American citizen.
    Holding hostage a Swedish and Spanish citizen.

    …and we have a frickin BASE up their ass, and look the other way!


  7. I posted a comment. When someone said it was astonishing that they confused Somoza with Batista, I said why astonishing? Aren’t all “latinos” the same? They’ll probably take me literally and scold me.

  8. No one will misunderstand, Honey. We all know what you mean, and appreciate the sarcasm that is also our lifeblood. We love you. But, please, get it straight (more sarcasm):…it’s “lateenoh”. Or, if you want to be politically correct on gender issues, you need to say “lateenoh /ahhh”… And the other word is “Hiss-Panic.” That one has no gender issues.

  9. I smell this situation may end up somewhat like the one with Alan Gross unless this guy caves in and blames himself for what happened.

    Is very frustrating to see how the Castro brothers still get away with all these murders and human rights abuses and we have a POTUS that doesn’t have an ounce of dignity to stand to them because he’s an accomplice to their game.

  10. The problem goes way beyond Obama. Everybody’s willing to give Castro, Inc. the benefit of the doubt, again, for the umpteenth time. Castro, Inc. knows it and counts on it. I repeat, if the world could ignore the massacre of nearly 40 Cubans trying to escape the island in the tugboat “13 de Marzo,” it can most certainly ignore the “accidental” murder of a couple of dissidents.

    What we still have trouble believing, even now, is that the world WANTS to ignore it, because that’s much easier and tidier, but also to protect the cherished romantic myth of the Cuban revolution. A lot of people outside Cuba do NOT want that contraption to come crashing down, because they’re too vested emotionally and/or ideologically in its survival and continuity. Yes, there ARE such people, even at this very late date. TONS of them.

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