Castro’s European hostages “confess”


“I braked because I saw the hole and the sand. I lost control of the car because we had entered an area with gravel. … No vehicle hit us from behind…I ask the international community to please focus on getting me out of here and not use a traffic accident, which could have happened to anyone, for political purposes.” (Angel Carromero)

“I understand that these activities are not legal in Cuba and I would like to apologize for having come to this country to realize illicit activities,” (Jens Aron Modig)

Entire thing here.

No point in getting angry with these foreigners, I say. They probably meant well. But they’re not professional military or intelligence men…weren’t trained to withstand Communist “persuasion.” But expecting to bring freedom to Cuba via peaceful Christian Democrats…and sans firepower?…come on?

As far as I know, the foreign “Cuba Democracy Activists” below were also christians and democrats (small letter) but I suspect upon capture, they would have behaved differently–to say nothing of having been more effective in bringing freedom to Cuba with the massive firepower they originally planned to unleash on the island—-and assuming air cover from two U.S. jets…

“Cuba Democracy Activists” (and Bay of Pigs volunteers) Gray Lynch, Rip Robertson and Pete Ray




5 thoughts on “Castro’s European hostages “confess”

  1. Here is what I predicted on Babalu three days ago: “July 27th, 2012 at 1:47 AM
    Here’s how this story will likely unfold: Carromerro has probably already been told that he is responsible for the deaths of the two passengers in the vehicle that he was driving. Unless he signs an accident account already prepared for him by the Castro dynasty, he will be charged with two counts of manslaughter and faces at least ten years in prison. Modig will be given a similar accident report to sign, so that the two accounts coincide, and told that if he does not sign it, Carromerro will be charged with manslaughter. Both of these men, although well intended, do not seem to me to have the character of steel needed to face the pressure from the dictatorship. They will probably cave in, just like Alan Gross denounced the U.S. government before being sentenced in the hope of getting a lighter term.”

  2. Humberto, I agree.

    Time to throw away the ‘Lillies’. After 52 years of utter torture and nightmares, killing off the peaceful dissidents one by one, ‘peaceful’ this and peaceful that, and the representatives of Christ on earth in Cuba making a pact with the devil, I say it’s time for a full blown Saddam Hussein (Cuban style) REGIME CHANGE!!!

  3. Stalinism revisited. It makes it all the more obvious it was not an accident. What comes through most clearly is poor Carromero saying: get me out of here! And poor Modig “confessing” he was doing something illegal, imagine, a Christian Democrat visting a Christian Democrat, really vicious behavior!

  4. Exactly as predicted and expected. The two were kept deliberately isolated and apart, and their respective embassies were denied access to them, so they could be duly “persuaded” that their fate depended solely on Cuban authorities and that they’d better play along, or else. No doubt the example of Alan Gross came into it, and the poor schmucks figured that if the US still hadn’t managed to get Gross released, what the hell were Spain and Sweden going to do? It’s all deeply repugnant and disgraceful, and I’m not even talking about Castro, Inc., which is simply being itself once again. And yes, the world will accept this grotesque Stalinist farce, gladly, even if it doesn’t believe it. That way there’s no need to do anything, uh, uncomfortable or inconvenient.

    I don’t blame Carromero or Modig. I blame the world’s complicity by omission, indifference, and yes, sympathy with “the revolution.” Castro, Inc. knows from long experience exactly how far it can go, and it does it. If it knew this kind of shit wouldn’t be tolerated, it wouldn’t pull it. And make no mistake: those who have enabled this kind of behavior for half a century ARE responsible for its consequences. Never forget that, because they sure as hell will.

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