75 percent tax rate — chew on that a while

World famous economist and political scientist, Will Ferrel, opens his mouth and caca comes out:

Comedian Will Ferrell channels his inner John Edwards in the new political comedy “The Campaign.”

The hair is … perfect, and while the film also includes a Tea Party-type candidate the “Saturday Night Live” will tell any press member who will listen that the comedy is a nonpartisan affair.

We’ll have to take his word on the latter since the movie doesn’t open until Aug. 10. But for now we can chew on Ferrell’s assessment of modern tax rates and where he’d like to see them rise if he were in the Oval Office.

TheDC asked Ferrell, who co-hosted a $35,800 per ticket fundraiser for President Barack Obama in February, for his thoughts on Obama’s proposed elimination of Bush-era tax breaks for individuals making over $200,000 per year.

“I think that – I would actually raise the taxes to about 75 percent,” Ferrell said at the screening in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday night.

“75 percent – you don’t think that would hurt the economy?” TheDC inquired.

“No, no, no,” Ferrell replied.

The Daily Caller isn’t sure if Ferrell was pulling the publication’s collective leg, but Ferrell’s “Campaign” co-star Zach Galifianakis appears sincere about what impact he hopes the new movie has on viewers.

The “Hangover” star says their movie deals directly with the fallout from the Citizens United case, a cause celebre of liberals who don’t mind unions pumping millions into candidate coffers but cry foul when corporations do the same.

Moron. Asshole. Dimwit. Jerkoff. Dickhead. Nincompoop. Dolt. Imbecile.

Did I miss one?

I guess if I was making the obscene amounts of money he was making for being utterly and completely unfunny, I’d have “success guilt” too…



11 thoughts on “75 percent tax rate — chew on that a while

  1. All these idiotic Hollywood liberal celebrities need a Fidel Castro character that steals all their wealth to learn a lesson. Obama will love to play that role and these Hollywood idiots don’t have a freaking clue what’s coming to them by supporting him.

  2. asombra, he may be ridiculous in his opinions but he was very funny on SNL. Just look at the cowbell sketch that is linked in the Carlos Eire post above.

  3. Honey, Ferrell is ridiculous in his presumption and his delusions, like all too many of his colleagues. I’ll take your word for it that he can be good at his job, which is making people laugh. Unfortunately, doing that job well, or well enough, does not satisfy him. He wants greater status, greater relevance, greater importance, all well beyond his field of competence and capacity. That is what I find ridiculous, and if I didn’t have so much contempt for such pretensions, I’d find it sad. These people evidently believe or feel that celebrity makes them somehow special or superior to ordinary mortals, which is absolute bullshit. Let them tend to what they’re actually fit for, and otherwise stay the hell out of my face.

  4. asombra, I agree that being a talented comedian or actor should not give you the hubris to think you have brains. Opinion, yes. But why think your opinions should be of any interest to anyone except your cronies?
    I just finished reading Andrew Breitbart’s book, Righteous Indignation. And he catalogues the Alinsky rules that the left uses. But we may be winning anyway. I hope so.

  5. Honey, Ferrel and his kind not only overestimate their intellect, they overestimate themselves in practically every way. They feel entitled to lecture, harangue, pontificate and “guide” the masses, because they clearly see themselves as higher beings. This is not only patently absurd but deeply offensive. Actually, it’s insufferable.

  6. Nailed it asombra,

    These Hollywood idiots think they’re better than us because they’re rich, famous and successful and feel they have the right to impose their crooked, lefties values on us because they know better.

    Taking about pompous arrogance…

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