Diana Nyad fails again (and as seen by Cubans–A Buffoonery)


American swimmer Diana Nyad, who has been battling repeated jellylfish stings, has ended her historic Cuba-to-Florida swim.

The Associated Press says the next step for the endurance swimmer is not clear.

Update at 8:19 a.m. ET: Vaness Linsley, a member of Nyad’s support team in Key West, says Nyad was taken on to a support boat early today, the AP reports. Linsley says they are discussing with Diana as to how they want to proceed. She says Nyad had run into multiple problems including jellyfish stings and storms at sea.

Entire report here.

Now this one:


Cuban Balseros Unimpressed with Diana Nyad. Live Report from Cojimar (A Buffoonery)

For over half a century Cubans have been crossing the storm-tossed, shark-infested, and soviet-machine-gunned Florida straits in everything and anything that floats—however precariously. Alas, no Shark cages and electronic shark shields have been available to people who consider toilet paper a luxury.

Tens of thousands completed the hundred mile journey. Other thousands died horribly in the attempt. The horrifying estimates run from 20 to 50 thousand Cubans gone to rest in that watery “cemetery without crosses,” accompanied by utter silence from the media.

“But some showboating bulldyke from the U.S. gets a hundred cameras and reporters around her every time she jumps in the water off Cojimar!” complained Yaraleidis (who asked that her last name be withheld for fear of retribution by authorities.)

“Hundreds of Cubans do it every single month” added Yumilis ( who made the same request as Yaraleidis.) “But no reporters ever show up?”

“Then that tortillera hogs all the reporters around here!” complained Yosnavi (who made the same request regarding his last name as did Yaraleidis and Yumilis.) “Is that butchy swimmer chummy with Mariela? Many around here suspect so.”

“What really swells my timbales,” laughs Yaniel (as mum regarding his last name as Yaraleidis, Yumilis and Yosnavi.) Is that my abuelo told me that prior to Castriosm Cuba was swamped with more immigrants per capita than the U.S.!”

Abuelo himself snuck into Cuba from Asturias with a fake visa issued by my great aunt, who worked in the government,” adds Yaniel’s cousin Yunieski (equally secretive of his last name as Yaraleidis, Yumilis, Yosnavi and Yaniel.)

“His nephew followed,” interrupts Yaniel’s cousin Yordenis, “ by stowing away in a freighter that disembarked from Barcelona a couple years later. (Yordenis is as careful about his last name as are Yaraleidis, Yumilis, Yosnavi, Yaniel and Yunieski.)

“Our negro great uncle jumped on a raft in Haiti and snuck into Cuba in 1933,” adds Yampier. “ His brother and three friends jumped on another raft and snuck in just east of Guantanamo two years later—as did hundreds of others Haitians, while all the Cuban authorities were shooting it out with each other at the Hotel Nacional. The coast was clear back then.” (Yampier made the same request regarding his last name as did Yaraleidis, Yumilis, Yosnavi, Yaniel, Yunieski and Yordenis.)

“But we never see this mentioned in the media?” says his friend Yolexis. “We’re going on probably 50-thousand Cubans dying horribly while trying to escape a nation formerly seen as paved with gold by FIRST WORLD immigrants. But, again, this never seems to be made clear by all the hard-nosed investigative reporters we have here in Cuba from the U.S. and Europe. They’re all busy reporting on Diana Nyad’s lip balm and her jellyfish bites.”

“And what a shame our parents never made it to Cayo Hueso or Miami on something seaworthy!” — wails Yudelkis. “At least we’ve have been spared these names! Johnny Cash mourned about “A Boy Named Sue?” SHHHHHHHHHHHEEEE-IT! Come down to Cuba Juanito. Much better song material down here!”



9 thoughts on “Diana Nyad fails again (and as seen by Cubans–A Buffoonery)

  1. Perhaps Diana’s problem isn’t the weather, jelly fish, or sharks … but the fact she’s not afraid of returning to the island nation to be imprisoned, punished, starved, tortured, beaten by the communist government … or, best case scenario, return to life as an average Cuban citizen with little food or clean water in a shack. Motivation, Diana Nyad … Your lack the real and honest ‘motivation’ that has driven thousands of Cubans seeking freedom and life who have swam those same waters to the Florida shore…

  2. Even if the old sea cow is too dim and/or senile to get it, can’t somebody tell her this lame and tiresome nonsense is a serious insult to the untold number of Cubans who’ve died in the Florida Straits trying to flee from hell? And I mean somebody besides “those people,” who of course are of no account and are just supposed to suck it up whenever they get dumped on (as that old fart Oliphant can attest to, if he’s still taking up space above ground).

    Here’s a suggestion for Granny Nyad: get a job as pool person or aquarium keeper for Martina Navratilova, and keep your leathery old hide out of hallowed waters. What a POF (piece of flotsam).

  3. I want to know something is that overweight sea-cow [I love Asombra’s name for Nyad! LOL] a pro-castroite, or is she just a clueless idiot being played by the mainstream media as one of the hundreds of stories that they publish every year along the lines of cigar festivals, 1950’s cars, old farts that can’t sing and are supposed to be “musical legends,” even though they were totally unknown in Cuba, men with 12 fingers, etc…

  4. Humberto,
    It’s as I said above…

    Her motivation lacks the pure fear of returning to the Castro-Cuba that has driven so many Cubans who have sailed and swam those same waters, successfully and unsuccessfully. She returns freely to Cuba over and over without fear of punishment. Her swim is not an ‘escape’ but an attempt at an ‘invasion’ of the USA with Castro’s blessing.

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