Talk about class warfare….


Civil War Imminent in Venezuela, says Hugo Chavez.  (from the Spanish newspaper ABC)  read the whole article in Spanish here.

Hugo Chavez has taken to copying the strategy of the Obama campaign, and of intensifying it.

Castroite clone Hugo Chavez issued a stern warning on state-run Venezuelan television this past thursday : if he is not elected president in October the result will be a civil war.

According to Chavez, his opponent in the upcoming election, Henrique Capriles, is dead-set on depriving all poor people of health care, education, and social services.  If his opponent is elected, he warned,  the Venezuelan people will rise up in arms to defend all of the so-called “missions” or redistribution-of-wealth social welfare programs that he has set into place.

«My opponent’s win would lead to a civil war, because it will be impossible for the people to do nothing when the rights they have won are taken away.  The people just won’t stand for it.  Then the persecutions would begin against the people, and the repression, just as in times past.”

Chavez indicated that he has solid evidence that his opponents are planning to reject the results of the election on October 7 as fraudulent and to “sing victory” for their candidate Henrique Capriles.

“The opposition is setting the stage along with their foreign allies in the news media and rightist international organizations…. They are getting ready to proclaim victory even before the results of the election are confirmed by the National Electoral Council.”  “They will oppose the people’s mandate and claim fraud…. We have to be prepared for this, for they will resort to violence and seek the support of the United States and other far-right governments around the world.”

Chavez added: “We have to neutralize all takeover attempts and all destabilizing plans, and instead ensure the stability of our nation.   We are the ones who must guarantee peace and the continuity of the [electoral] process.”

Chavez also charged that Capriles is poised to “close all doors to progress” and to surrender Venezuela’s “national independence.”  In closing, he issued a stern warning: ” We are not going to allow the closing of our doors to the future, to justice, or to our nation.  I am absolutely sure that we will win this election.  This is beyond dispute.  This is already written in gold letters.  The people will win this election, because Chavez and the Revolution are going to win.  The only item still unknown is by how great a margin Chavez will win on October 7.”



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    1. The problem is he means it, just like Gadafi and Assad meant it, and that is why he has supported them to the very end. He is trying to convince the world that he already won the election, when serious polls (not the ones he pays) indicate Capriles has all the momentum. This past week the radio and TV transmission of a meeting with socialist unions at the Caruachi hidroelectric power plant had to be interrupted when some “socialists” started screaming “collective contracts NOW”. Some of the protesters has to spend a couple of night in jail, Cuban style.

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