Daughter of Cuban VP has defected. How’s that for “fugo de cerebros”?

One of the differences between voting with a ballot and voting with your feet: When you vote with your feet, some votes just count more than others.

For the cause of liberty, this is one big “get.”

Daughter of Cuba Vice President Defects to US, Report Says
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Daughter of Cuba Vice President Defects to US, Report Says

Glenda Murillo Diaz, 24, crossed the Mexican border this month into the city of Laredo, Texas, according to The Miami Herald. Murillo Diaz is now living in Tampa and intends to make the United States her home, the paper reports citing unnamed sources.

Murillo Diaz originally traveled to Mexico to attend a psychology conference, according to the Herald. She never received a U.S. visa to visit relatives or study, the report says.

Whether or not she entered with a visa, Murillo Diaz is permitted to stay under the wet-foot, dry-foot policy, which allows Cuban nationals to reside legally in the United States and apply for citizenship if they manage to set foot here.

The defection, if true, would be an embarrassment to the Cuban government. Vice President Marino Murillo Jorge holds the key position of implementing Head of State Raúl Castro’s economic reforms aimed at liberalizing Cuba’s half-century-old Communist economy.

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The daughter of Cuban VP MArino Murillo has defected to the U.S.
The daughter of Cuban VP MArino Murillo has defected to the U.S.



10 thoughts on “Daughter of Cuban VP has defected. How’s that for “fugo de cerebros”?

  1. Boy, his job must be easy because I really don’t know what the hell has been reformed nor changed. However, I do know he’s always been very insistent, with all the commie lingo and slogans very well practiced, that Cuba will remain resolutely Communist, so I guess that’s what the position boils down to. If only an economy degree in the real world were that easy…

    Let’s be realistic, no matter how privileged and bought this minions may be, the Castros are not going to put anyone too smart nor driven that close to them for Cuba itself has more to offer than their aberrational tyranny.

  2. At the risk of getting berated here I say this is either another rat jumping a sinking ship or someone who finally opened her eyes to the reality of the Castro tyranny.

    Time will tell…

  3. Freedom, I agree. She lived, by Cuban standards, high on the hog off the blood and labor of average Cubans. Now that the ship is sinking . . .

    Will she continue to remain silent or will she, I dare to ask, appear on a Mano Limpia airing her family’s and the castro’s dirty laundry? For a price of course.

  4. The Cuban elite are making way for their children’s future. I bet my life her father KNEW very well and ENCOURAGED her defection. It’s the only way he can save her life. Dengue anyone? Not to mention that things are not doing well in “Paradise”. Trust me, this daddy’s little girl is “apolitical”. Give her time and you will see her living in the lap of luxury from Cuban stolen money daddy stached away in a Swiss bank. By then, the U.S. government will have given her another identity “to protect her from the likes of us”.

  5. I might surprise you all, but I don’t get much happy about these new defectors. The US is now filled with castroides that are influencing against the embargo and many of them are just spies.

  6. pecosa,

    I share your misgivings about recent arrivals. Let’s just say I would not go to bat for many of them.

  7. pecosa46,

    I don’t expect her to be an upstanding American citizen in any way, but I really, really like the “embarrassment to the Cuban government” part of the proceedings.

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