RNC Convention Rocks On, and With Surprises

Concerned, but not dampened by Isaac, the RNC Convention has condensed the four days into three. This might just end up being a good thing, as Martha Stewart would say. Great speakers from Ann Romney, several women conservatives, strong GOP state governors and the candidates Romney/Ryan … ALL getting to the meat and bones of what really does concern the American people during this troubled economic time.

The music line-up for the republican week of various doings reads pretty damn sweet (nods to Henry). The list of music acts attending the 2012 RNC Convention in Tampa, FLA is pretty cool:

Kid Rock. The Eagle’s Don Felder. Better Than Ezra. OMG! Big Head Todd and The Monsters! Lynyrd Skynyrd! JOURNEY!! Blues Traveler. Camp Freddy (a rock cover-band supergroup featuring Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction), Matt Sorum (Guns N Roses), Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction), Billy Morrison (The Cult) and Donovan Leitch). But the bestest I can see is Gregg Allman … the ex-husband of has-been Cher whose career is now centered around making vile, revolting and mentally-ill ‘Tweets’ on Twitter.

And now the buzz of a “surprise” mystery speaker Thursday night at the convention itself…

Republican convention planners appear to have a surprise planned for those tuning in Thursday night.

Buried deep in the convention schedule released Monday is a vague reference to a mystery speaker scheduled for the event’s final evening. “To Be Announced” has a prime speaking slot late in the Thursday program.

By then, speakers from Mitt Romney’s church will have taken the stage that night. The co-founder of Staples office-supply chain will have spoken about working with Mr. Romney during his time at Bain Capital. State officials from Massachusetts will have talked about the former governor. Olympians will have already thanked the presidential candidate for leading the 2002 Winter Games.

The only other speakers to follow “To Be Announced” will be Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and Mr. Romney himself, suggesting that the unnamed guest may appear during the 10 p.m. hour when the networks all will be broadcasting the convention.

Guesses??? Somebody commenting @ HotAir suggested, “A video montage of Andrew Breitbart”. That would be cool, only if his wife walked out to speak afterward. Another pondered, “Video montage of Barack Obama… in his own words”.

THAT would be great.



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