And what do you think would happen to a store named “Che”?


Another story on double standards and sheer stupidity

From the New York Daily News:

The owner of a new men’s clothing store “Hitler” in Ahmedabad, India, is willing to change its name if he would be compensated for his branding expenses. Members of the city’s tiny Jewish community condemned the store’s name, and an Israeli diplomat said the embassy would raise the matter “in the strongest possible way.”

Wednesday, August 29th 2012, 01:37 PM

The owner of an Indian clothing store said Wednesday that he would only change its name from “Hitler” if he was compensated for re-branding costs, amid a growing row over the new shop.

The outlet, which sells Western men’s wear, opened 10 days ago in Ahmedabad city in the western state of Gujarat with “Hitler” written in big letters over the front and with a Nazi swastika as the dot on the “i”.

“I will change it (the name) if people want to compensate me for the money we have spent — the logo, the hoarding, the business cards, the brand,” Rajesh Shah told AFP.

He put the total costs at about 150,000 rupees ($2,700).

Shah insisted that until the store opened he did not know who Adolf Hitler was and that Hitler was a nickname given to the grandfather of his store partner because “he was very strict”.

“I didn’t know how much the name would disturb people,” he told AFP by telephone from Ahmedabad. “It was only when the store opened I learnt Hitler had killed six million people.”

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4 thoughts on “And what do you think would happen to a store named “Che”?

  1. George: I’ll take your ice cream shop and raise you: Lithuania’s own Stalin’s World theme park is fun for you and any higher-ups in your bureaucracy you might like to see get arrested! Be sure to Purge and Splurge this summer with their Lil’ Informers special, featuring a full family imprisonment package for the price of one overheard critical remark.

    Disclaimer: Make plans to bring your own food and sneak it past the sentries. The lines at Stalin’s World run a tad long and the vendors are usually short of all items except bullets.

  2. I think this Shah is a lying scumbag out to scam “rich Jews.” Dead giveaway #1: the swastika. Dead giveaway #2: after “discovering” he’d named his store after a monster of evil, he refuses to correct the “error” unless he gets paid to do it.

  3. In all honesty, as long as we have Hammer & Sickle Cigars, Che Vodka (Che everywhere for that matter), two Cuban Revolution restaurant & bars in Road Island, and half of Hollywood saying that Castro is great (many of them Jews), I really don’t give a crap.

    To add insult to injury, any Cuban who then denounces such things is called fanatical and ignorant of the alleged realities of his own country (or what’s left of it).

    If such people have no problem promoting, distorting, and cashing on the aberrational totalitarianism that affects others and just the one that affected them, I am not going to sweat it.

    That said, I hope Hitler’s fall collection becomes a success and the swastika a frivolous fashion logo next to the CCCP t-shits. After all, unlike Che, Hitler was a true artist.

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