Time To Speak Up: The Big Speechs From Last Night at The RNC Convention

Tonight Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan will speak. Here are some of the speeches from last night’s RNC convention in Tampa that impressed. Obama’s name was rarely mentioned. That must have irked the hell out of the guy and his MSM ready to pounce on any criticism directed his way.

Of course Mrs. Ann Romney’s speech was the much anticipated. She spoke from her heart and humanity:

For me this was the speech that blew me away. Former democrat and strong Obama supporter, and now new republican, Artur Davis gave a riveting speech that reached out to democrats and independents that are looking to correct their votes of 2008 in 2012:

Brilliant rising star Mia Love, mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah and GOP candidate for U.S. Congress stressing protecting “the American Dream”:

Embattled and victorious Gov. Scott Walker (WI) and Gov. Nikki Haley (SC) bring the confidence and bravery to take their determination and work ethic to the national level:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie channels his mom in his keynote speech about truth and “choosing respect, not love”:

By the way, I am one of MSNBC’s millions upon millions of NON-viewers, and count on the bravehearts that swallow that bit of throw-up that rises in their mouths in order to watch the bottom-dweller cable “news” network and report back. It has been brought to my attention MSNBC deliberately did not cover the speeches of republican ‘minorities’ last night. CNN warns the republican party is in danger of “extremism and exclusion”. Perhaps CNN should turn its concerns to MSNBC.

And Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa dismisses ‘minorities’ in the republican party by saying that Republicans “can’t just trot out a brown face” to make inroads with the Latino community, an increasingly important growing bloc. “Trot out”??!!??



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  1. Christie was not the best pick for this spot. If they didn’t have the guts to give it to Palin, they should have gone with somebody like Allen West.

  2. For the fun of it I taped it all on C-Span and went between Fox and MSNBC to see what they were saying. MSNBC showed only a couple of speeches and talked over all the rest. Here are some paraphrases of their comments – hilarious and unbelievable:

    “They barely mentioned Romney. That is shocking.” Of course if you don’t play the speeches, then the audience does not get to hear that most of the early speakers mentioned Romney every other word and so you get to think that what they are saying must be correct. The ones they showed had other things to bring out and did lead up to the conclusion that Romney is the one.

    “In an odd construct, Santorum, always so closely identified with the social issues will not be doing them in his speech. He is under instruction to do economic things”.

    Then when Santorum spends a lot of time talking social issues big time, as if economic issues are not also social issues, they cover their tracks and say they are surprised that he talked so much and so boldly about those unpopular social issues.

    When Christie spoke, they said it fell flat and was a disappointment. Then Rachel turned to the best person to analyze the oratorical quality of the speech. Who should she turn to who would be the ideal person for that? who is the one who knows all about soaring oratory?

    Who but Al Sharpton? He readily concluded that it was terrible rhetorically and fell flat.

    After Ann Romney’s speech, their easy conclusion was to ask if she did her job. Did she humanize Romney? Is it possible? They complimented her but then added that when Romney came out, he still looked like a robot, as if he was brought out on wheels, whatever that means. “And nothing, even her speech, could change the fact that he just doesn’t cut it, he only comes across as mechanical.” (In comparison to Obama who is so perfectly human and cares.)

    I could keep going on like this. They talked and talked because they had to instead of letting us see the speeches for ourselves. So little time. So much propaganda to instill in the audience. They are so lame. Rachel I always found adorable. Never agree with a word she says, but she is cute. She assumes she is witty and above the rest of us. But then Bill Maher thinks he is witty, too. The rest of the panel looked like petulant school children whom no one pays attention to. They are right about that last bit.

    But I have to include here the most unbelievable of the lot. This was done with a straight face..

    After Anne Romney spoke and they “analyzed” the speech, Rachel turned to an expert who has had lots of experience having been to a lot of these things. The newsman on the floor was to tell us how it went over there in the hall. His response? And he wasn’t ashamed of his audacity (of his hope). “The speech was good, but it did not have great emotional impact here. It did not have anywhere near the impact of the fire that exploded when Palin gave her speech.”

    Do you remember how the left demonized Palin and mocked her? I don’t remember anyone on the left praising the electricity in the room when Palin spoke; is my memory incorrect? If they did say that it was only in the context of the fact that our side is so stupid this is what passes for excitement for us.

    Usually I can’t listen to the left for more than a minute. But this was so hilarious, I was able to take doses of two minutes each.

  3. @asombra

    I liked the “my Mom” core of Christie’s speech, but I think he missed the mark in tying it into the current campaign and agenda.


    MSNBC (and the Obamabot media in general, that refuse to recognize THEY are the robots)are like those annoying dumb-asses that keep getting in your face, until you plant your palm in their face and shove them out of your way.

    They cannot stand Palin wasn’t there for them to tie her into the ‘racist TEA Party’ and it’s radical influence on the GOP.

    Juan Williams reaction to Ann Romney’s speech was insulting, but my gut reaction to him was he is scared. Mrs. Romney connects far better with Americans, and women in particular, than Michelle Obama. She’s not screeching about ‘sacrifice’ we need to make, while wearing $500 sneakers to work in the White House show garden. She knows she’s ‘rich’, and recognizes and hopes others can grow in personal wealth. She lives off her family’s own means for whatever she wears or travels, not the taxpayer. She hands out self-baked cookies on the plane yesterday, where Mooch would be grabbing them up and slapping some stinking bag of rabbit food in your hand.

    One understands individual rights, while the other treats everyone like stupid children she huffingly has to correct and bully.

    Juan Williams is scared, as is the left. Women in general are feeling the burn in their household budgets, not in their stinkin’ contraception. The DNC’s message for their convention will be about the right to kill the unborn, drag down the successful, and grab as much taxes as they can from the American people.

  4. Disagree a bit with the comments here about Christie’s speech. I thought it was a smashing success — the best speech I can remember watching at the Elephant Convention since J.C. Watts brought down the house in 1996, back when I was in high school.

    Is it entirely coincidental that, perhaps by force of necessity, the GOP has found all these dynamite communicators at precisely the time they are most needed? Christie, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Bobby Jindal, Artur Davis, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley…impressive speakers, all.

    PS Just turned on C-Span and some Cuban fellow, who said he’s lived here for 50 years, was berating a Hispanic Republican (of Mexican descent) and insisting that Mitt Romney has not paid taxes for years. How sad to see this nonsense accepted by people who should know better.

  5. mattmurphy

    I think the big guy just ran out of time.

    I’ve heard people mention, and noticed myself, he seemed to et a little speedy near the end.

  6. George, if Jesse Jackson could give Clinton “guidance” during the Lewinsky mess, Sharpton can critique rhetoric.

  7. This may sound mean, but the fact is visuals count: Christie looks like late Orson Welles in those wine commercials. Not good.

  8. George: Have you ever noticed that C-Span callers are generally fruit loops? I mean, they had animal expert Temple Grandin on a while ago and some caller insisted on reading a poem he had written about her — live, on-the-air.

    My call-in question (someday) for C-Span: “I understand your network gets a lot of prank callers. My question: How on Earth can you guys tell the difference?”

    I’m only half-kidding, so maybe instead of disconnecting me after that question, they’ll just let the line go silent so the thought can sink in. As far as I’m concerned, their hosts deserve medals for putting up with some of these blockheads.

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