And now for some news from Bizarro World


The concept of Bizarro World was bequeathed to Western civilization by Superman comics.  In Bizarro world, everything is askew or backwards.

Here is a piece from a well-known real-life parallel of Bizarro World: the Russian newspaper Pravda.  If you had any doubts about the Cold War having really ended, or of Russia’s growing interest in its former colony of Castrolandia, just read this piece.   According to Pravda, there is a media campaign against the Castro regime.    And leading the way is the Miami Herald, along with American think tanks.  Yeah.  Like the Lexington Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Next thing you know, it will be the New York Times.   And what would Herbert Matthews have to say about this from his cubicle in the Bizarro hereafter?

From Pravda, Russia’s own MSNBC

Undeclared media war against Cuba in full swing

The United States wage the undeclared media war against Cuba non-stop. At every opportunity, an order comes from the think tank team in major Western agencies and the media begins to unfold the news spotted with the words “dissident”, “opposition”, “insurgent”, “regime”, “democratic forces”, and the “international community.”

A clear example of this information war is a recently fabricated “desertion” to the U.S. of a daughter of the “architect” of Cuban reform and the tragic death in a car accident of the main “dissident” of the country. This war is a part of the ideological war launched by the intelligence of the U.S. and Europe through various NGOs and party structures in order to achieve the overthrow of the unwanted “regime of the Castro brothers.” A few days ago in the Western mass media information emerged about the daughter of Raul Castro’s likely successor, the deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of Cuba, Marino Murillo, fleeing to the U.S.

The mouthpiece of the information war, a Spanish-language newspaper El Nuevo Herald, reported that they were not able to contact Glenda Murillo Diaz, but, according to her boyfriend, she is seeking asylum because she is “dissatisfied with the course of the Castro regime.” The news was quickly replicated in the right context, including in the Russian media. Nobody even thought about the fact that the daughter of a state servant does not need to ask for political asylum as she can live abroad indefinitely and her freedom of movement and other freedoms are in no way limited, including in monetary terms.

Later, there was a single piece of news that the information about the fleeing from Cuba has not been confirmed by neither her relatives in Cuba nor the United States, but no one cared, because the goal was achieved – discredited member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba and the third person in the state.

Even more brazen campaign was launched in the western media upon a car accident resulting in the death of the “chief dissident”, leader of the Christian Liberation Movement (MCL) Osvaldo Paya. The accidental death was turned into a doing of the “evil dictatorship” and “communist military junta” that organized the murder of “the most outstanding figures of the political opposition against the totalitarian regime.” In an editorial the newspaper Granma stated that after July 22, the Western media published over 900 articles on the subject and there were about 120 thousand messages on social networks, where the tragedy was covered with similar vocabulary.

If you feel like giving yourself a migraine headache, continue reading here.

Racing in Bizarro World
Racing in Bizarro World



2 thoughts on “And now for some news from Bizarro World

  1. Newt Gingrich’s rule is in play. “If you want to understand what the left is doing, watch what they are accusing you of.”

    So if Cuba experts are blaming us for a war against Cuba, it is because they are involved in a war of misinformation against us and about themselves.

    If ANYTHING our side says is an example of racism, it is they who are separating us into blacks and whites and forcing racism on us.

    If Obama accuses the rich of greed and not caring, it is Obama who is behaving like a rich man flying all over the country and the world in great luxury and not caring about anyone but himself.

    Now with this major idea as your guide, you can watch the democrat convention and translate their language into reality with every sentence. It will be easy, yes?

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