Guess who else is missing from the all-inclusive diversity fiesta in Charlotte?


Yes, he has his own election campaign to mind in Venezuela, but why isn’t he at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte?  He represents so much of what is held dear by the Democratic Party’s platform, you’d think they’d offer the guy a chance to put in a word for his friend Barack Obama.   After all, if diversity is such a great virtue, why not invite the president of a whole country to represent Hiss-panics rather than the mere mayor of some cow town in Texas?  And what could be better, and more fully representative of the acceptance of diversity than to have a Hiss-panic speaker who has no immigration papers and can’t even speak English?

Are they hypocrites, or are they simply clueless?  The guy gave free heating oil to poor people in Massachusetts, through the agency of a member of the Kennedy clan,.  Heavens to Murgatroyd.  Jesus H. Undocumented Christ.  As the ABC commentator said during the funeral of John Kennedy Junior, while his ashes were being dumped into the sea, “everything this family does is exquisite.”  Can’t they see that?   What the hell is wrong with those Democrats?

And… he is also a cancer survivor.  And…as if this were not enough, today he revealed that he is suffering from a bad cold that prevents him from getting a full night’s sleep.   Come on.  This guy represents the disabled too.   If they put God back in their platform despite all the thunderous booing, those Democrats can certainly issue Hugo a last-minute invitation.  He will surely bring the house down with his rhetoric, and the usual suspects in the media will proclaim that he “hit a grand slam,” just like the First Lady did last night.  Like the First Lady’s dress and the entire Kennedy clan (who are also curiously absent), Hugo will be proclaimed “exquisite.”



3 thoughts on “Guess who else is missing from the all-inclusive diversity fiesta in Charlotte?

  1. So marvelous, professor. I am about to write my part two for last night. You did in a few words, and so much better, what I am about to present in a long winded explanation. Thank you.

  2. And he is also against profits and against Israel, and against the US of course. For him and some in his party one of the horrendous sins of his contender, Capriles, is that even though a Roman Catholic, ethnically he is about 70% Jewish. Capriles is a Sephardic last name, and the Radonskys -his mother’s last name- are Polish Jews.

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