No, they didn’t wear Che T-shirts in Charlotte


A busload of “Latinos” under the banner “Sin Papeles y Sin Miedo–Journey for Justice,” rolled into Charlotte for some “civil disobedience.” Some amongst their group idolized a Stalinist who requires extensive papers for his subjects to travel between the provinces of his fiefdom–under penalty of a billy-clubbing and stint in a torture chamber.

“We support Fidel Castro , Hugo Chavez and oppose imperialism!” answered one with a south of South America accent.

“I was about to explain to him the contradictions of enjoying a democratic right totally impossible under Fidel Castro’s regime when he threatened to beat me.”

Entire thing in Spanish here.

Whoops!..looks like at least one DID sport a Che shirt (top left.)

(Note: It’s not clear if the Fidel Castro shirt-wearers were official members of the Arizona-based “Sin Papeles-Sin Miedo” or if these crashed the party in Charlotte.)




4 thoughts on “No, they didn’t wear Che T-shirts in Charlotte

  1. SOP for the razas and other socialist agenda groups, let’s wear this $hit to bait the Cubans into arguing with us. Some “organizer” hands out free shirts to idiots and a movement is born.

  2. I would love to see all of them deported. Supporting a person who’s anti-American should not be accepted in the USA. Claiming that you hate imperialism, but at the same time living in imperialism is very hypercritical. The guy who threatened to beat the men up should have been deported the moment he said it. I should be more inform on where these peoples will be protesting, so that way I can take with me my “Deport all illegals who support Che, Fidel Castro, and hate imperialism.” t-shirt. Maybe I can get a photo of some historical person that Mexican hate with passion. First thing I have to do is find out who that person is.

  3. Yes; and why are illegals allowed to flagrantly be illegals? Shouldn’t they try to hide that they are illegals? Obviously not, since our country now, unlike Mexico, doesn’t really take action against being here illegally. Our laws are perverted.

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