4 thoughts on “One Last Picture From the 2012 DNC Convention

  1. OMG! ROTFLMAO! Monica’s replacement?

    Coñooo Luis, la cojistes con la mano en la masa! (Caugh with the hand in the cookie jar).

    Once a slick Willie always a slick Willie.

  2. Clinton looks like what he is, an overgrown arrested adolescent who thinks sex, women and life in general exist for his personal gratification—the realization of which is an end which justifies any means necessary. His whole life, in every sphere, has been about self-satisfaction. Everything else has been a set-up for that. And no, he doesn’t have the slightest problem with being that way (except for the occasional inconvenience of getting caught with his pants down, whether literally or figuratively).

    In his DNC speech, he actually said that Paul Ryan looked into a camera and lied to the American people. No need to remind anyone, least of all Bill, that he himself did precisely that, and did it as sitting POTUS. But, since he basically got away with doing so, and neither the Dems nor the MSM will hold his brazen shamelessness against him, he let it fly. Of course, he knows that American society, being what it has become, finds him cute and endearing, which gives him a lot of leeway to be himself.

    The problem, as I have said before, is that evil can not only masquerade as goodness but also cloak itself in all manner of charm, and I am fairly certain that despite Clinton’s jovial congeniality, seemingly mischievous boyishness and evident people-skills (including feel-your-pain “empathy”), he’s an example of the proverbial whitewashed sepulcher (as is also the case, in a different way, with the far less winsome Jimmy Carter).

  3. Great observations asombra.

    One can only hope that Bill is in fact cloaking himself with something as he wages his one-man war on women.

    “If there is a War on Women, Bill Clinton is its Audie Murphy.” – IOwahawk

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