“Fidel and Raul cry while remembering Che” (sniffles Che’s svelte daughter Aleida)

Aleida-Guevara-Cuba9oct07Fidel laughing2
“Te digo a ti, RAMIRO!..que LASTIMA que PT Barnum no vivio hasta nuestra revolucion! “Every minute?” Ese tremendo come-mierda LOW-balled it!!!”

“Fidel has told me many beautiful stories about my father, but I cannot ask him too much, he still gets very emotional at the thought of Che. For example, my father had terrible handwriting, so my mother was asked to transcribe his diaries. When Raúl Castro came to our house to collect the manuscript, my mother knew that Raúl and Fidel also kept diaries, so she said ‘if there are accounts in the diaries that differ then you must go with Che’s, because he is not here to defend himself’. Raúl got very angry and said ‘No, while Fidel and I are alive, Che is alive. He is always with us.’ They were crying then.

Entire thing from UK Guardian this week..it’s the Guardian, so prepare for “world-class” healthcare, “vicious dictator” Batista, “U.S. Bloqueo”–the whole bit…..

But it’s worth the laugh.




14 thoughts on ““Fidel and Raul cry while remembering Che” (sniffles Che’s svelte daughter Aleida)

  1. Several years ago, I had the absolute pleasure of having an hour-long conversation with Felix “El Gato” Rodriguez; he spoke at length about the final hours of Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

    Here is Rodriguez standing by Guevara after his capture, and here he’s standing over Che’s dead body.

    If you can find a copy of his book “Shadow Warrior. The CIA Hero of a Hundred Unknown Battles”, buy it and read it.

    Awesome book.

    The story about his hands being cut off to provide proof of his death are absolutely true.

  2. Jon Lee Anderson’s biography of Guevara includes this nonsense too, about how Castro got all teary- eyed in public after Che died and called him a martyr to the Revolution and all that. Sure, sure, Senor Crocodile. You need a hanky, amigo?

  3. “Ni una aspirina” were Fidel’s instructions to the Bolivian Communist party, meaning they were not to help Che in any manner–not even with an aspirin even if he complained of a headache. Info comes courtesy of (the late) Mario Riveron who headed the four man team of Cubans in Bolivia that helped capture Che. Che’s widow Aledia Guevara-March later insulted Bolivian Commie party head Mario Monje as “ese indio feo!”


  4. The Guevara cow, blubbering like the Nyad cow. What a waste of calories (all of which should go to the Cuban people). If she thinks any Cuban believes this gooey BS, she must be amazingly stupid (and she hardly looks otherwise). But yes, she’s made a nice career out of being a crass propaganda tool and living off being the daughter of a trendy murderer. And of course she wears fire-hydrant red, like Hugo the Clown. Talk about beating the obvious into the ground. Her mere presence in Cuba is a grave insult to any decent Cuban alive, and especially to every Cuban who died because of her hateful psychopath of a father, as well as to their families. If she had any decency, she’d move to Argentina and let the Kirchner bitch feed her fat ass, as no doubt she would. Revolting doesn’t begin to cover it.

  5. “Mario Riveron who headed the four man team of Cubans in Bolivia that helped capture Che.”

    According to the CIA debriefing of Felix Rodriguez found here the CIA case officer for that mission was someone only identified as “Jim”. Rodriguez and another Cuban agent (last name Villoldo) traveled to Bolivia where they met up with “Jim” and Riveron, plus two others charged with communications.

  6. Re: the picture of Raúl and Aleida Guevara nauseatingly looks like two post menopausal women about to kiss in an inappropriate manner.

    Then again, it could be two post menopausal men about to kiss.

    Hard to tell.

  7. Much more juicy stuff on Che’s betrayal and death in spanking new book:


    Cerrato (who co-wrote Roberto-Martin Perez book:)


    conducted lenghty interviews with Felix Rodgiguez and Dariel Alarcon (Che’s lieutenant from the Sierra through the Congo into Bolivia who later defected and now lives in Paris.) The two Cuban enemies are now chums. They compare notes…interesting stuff, but only available in Spanish…I tried to get Cerrato an English language publisher through my agent–to no avail. Hopefully one will turn up…

  8. Humberto: Actually, I owe you an intellectual debt here, because it was your books about these two butchers that first clued me in to the thought that Castro sent this Argentinian clown on a suicide mission in the first place. You don’t read stuff like that in the left-wing mush that counts for “standard” in this field.

    (Not that I was terribly surprised to learn this; I remember an interview the incomparable Jay Nordlinger did some years ago with one of the Diaz-Balart brothers. He was told, in no uncertain terms, that Castro doesn’t really believe the palaver he dishes out. It’s nice to know that, for some people, you can always trust in their untrustworthiness.)

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