“Obama did great the past four years, so I’m kind of more leaning towards him–YEAH!” (Ryan Lochte)


Olympic swimming champ Ryan Lochte took a moment out of his schedule at New York Fashion Week to weigh in on the presidential election, which he admits he hasn’t been following closely.

“I’ve been going non-stop left and right,” Lochte told the Wall Street Journal at a party at the Four Seasons. “I haven’t had time to watch the news. I’ve got to catch up on that. But, you know, Obama did great the past four years, so I’m kind of more leaning towards him.” He added, “Jeah!”

…knew there had to be a reason why (despite our wishful thinking) Lochte (unlike William Levy) didn’t dwell on any intransigent Cuban roots….which is fine, actually (and smart,) especially considering his prospects in the entertainment industry…

Well…nobody said athletic prowess makes for political (as opposed to career) astuteness…didn’t we unload on Cristina Saralegui and Gloria Estefan for similar career astuteness…???



7 thoughts on ““Obama did great the past four years, so I’m kind of more leaning towards him–YEAH!” (Ryan Lochte)

  1. Sigh. Well, it may be a Cameron Diaz scenario. Does he even speak Spanish? It’s quite possible his life has been so focused on swimming that the Cuba thing never really came into it. Besides, being a great athlete (or a great actor, or whatever) definitely does not guarantee having the right stuff in other areas. Clint Eastwood is hardly the only talented person in the movie business, but how many other ones have (or dare to display) his political discernment? Or maybe Lochte’s just another shallow fashion victim. Again, sigh.

  2. Indeed Humberto,

    Peer pressure among the youngsters to support Obama is very high and unfortunately these kids are not mature enough to understand how much damage Obama is inflicting to America. I guess his Cuban-American mother has not done a good job in that regard.

    Plus these kids are too busy enjoying the wild life to understand what the future will bring to them if America continues on this Marxist/Socialism path.

    Anyway the MSM, the Hollywood idiots and college academia are the main culprits for their idiocy, they have been very well brainwashed.

  3. “Obama did a great job the past four years.” OK, deep breath. The best case scenario is that Lochte’s been so caught up with swimming that he knows little or nothing else except very superficially, so he’s just parroting the “cool people” he most likely hangs with. Of course, this begs the question of what he has or has not gotten from his parents and extended family, as well as the question of his intellectual capacity and/or character. Whatever the case, I’m not sure even the New York Times would go as far as flatly saying that “Obama did a great job the past four years,” so there’s obviously a significant problem here. It could be mostly ignorance, but it could also be worse. Let’s hope, for Ryan’s sake, that he simply doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

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