Leadership: You Tell Me

Obama makes a tepid statement and takes no questions.

Romney backs up his criticism of the administration in the wake of the US embassy attack in Cairo yesterday, listens to the MSM trying to set up a premise that he is somehow a knee-jerk reactionary in these sort of situations in order to be the media guard dogs for Obama, but he still takes their questions.

Hillary Clinton first…

I am sorry to take a political slant here but Sarah Palin was correct last night …

as she is today.

This is either an opportunity for Obama or for Romney. The serious American voters, and the world, are watching…



12 thoughts on “Leadership: You Tell Me

  1. Hillary is beyond useless–she’s an embarrassment. But yes, she’s a glorified mouthpiece, not the person in charge and ultimately responsible. As for Palin, maybe the American electorate, in its current deplorable state, cannot handle her, but I’m afraid Romney is not up to the task at hand like she would be. And yes, keeping her off the RNC roster was a bad sign.

  2. Agreed-they should have had her and others speak. ALL of Obama’s birds have now come to roost; this last bird is a direct manifestation of his foreign policy. Although I voted for George (and would again if my choices are liberal dems) and I couldn’t stand his domestic spending and programs; and as much as I also dislike the TSA, otherwise with him at the helm we had no further incidences after 9/11 during his term.
    Any American with a brain should see how well the MSM has exposed themselves–instead of reacting overwhelmingly to what has happened to our embassies and our Ambassador to Libya, they are more concerned with what Romney said…wtf?

  3. The only one of this foursome, Hillary, Obama, Romney and Palin who needed to look at notes to know what to say was Obama. And Obama wouldn’t take questions but Romney and Palin did.
    What is it going to take to get the libs to see how wrong they are?

  4. My hair comment referred to Hillary. She’s been going around as if she were the young Peggy Lipton from “Mod Squad.” Ugh.

  5. Again, where’s Biden on this? Isn’t he the foreign policy “expert”? Let’s hear it; let him show his stuff. Fatuous asshole.

  6. I still feel sick. I cannot believe so many people were so stupid (or worse) as to put a bunch of puffed-up incompetents in charge of US foreign policy, even apart from their very dubious ideological orientation. Actually, I CAN believe it, and that’s one big reason I feel sick. Lord have mercy.

  7. Let’s not forget, ever, the American soldiers killed and dragged through the streets of Mogadishu in Somalia on Clinton’s watch. Thank God I saw no pictures of that, but they may have been even more horrible than those of the ambassador to Libya.

  8. The problem Sarah, is that this group of “common sense, fiscally conservative, independent Americans” that she’s talking about, are being outvoted by growing hordes of lazy, entitled, moronic, dependent Americans-In-Name-Only jackasses.

    They have figured out that they can vote themselves monies from the common coffers…the Republic is dead.

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