Spanish and British tourists dwindle as other unprincipled slimeballs take their place

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Castrolandia is being kept afloat by tourists.  Here are some facts and figures that reveal which nations are responsible for this crime against humanity.  The Spanish — former colonial overlords who have reclaimed their feudal rights through tourism for many years– are now too broke to travel and therefore can’t exploit the natives as much as they have done in the recent past.  Britons have cut back on their travel to the island plantation too, perhaps because by now everyone in the United Kingdom has gone there several times and the squalor of the place no longer offers them enough of the local colour they so keenly seek  in exotic locations.  Unfortunately,  their place has been taken by other noveaux colonialists who love to tour human zoos and exploit  inferior people.

The last paragraph in this article reveals who, exactly, is responsible for keeping the Castro royal family in power.  Not surprisingly, some of the worst offenders are our Lateeeen-oh and Hiss-panic brethren.

From Cuban Business and Economic News

Spanish airlines to reduce frequency

Challenging Cuba’s tourism growth, the two Spanish airlines offering scheduled flights to the island are reducing their frequencies, first reported.

In response to sagging demand in Spain, flag carrier Iberia will reduce its weekly flights from Madrid to Havana from six to five, according to the Spanish tourism industry portal.

Iberia will cut its sixth flight beginning with the winter schedule Oct. 28, according to Citing an unnamed Iberia official, the Website said the airline could restart the sixth flight to Havana if demand surges again.

Meanwhile, Air Europa will cut its winter schedule from seven weekly Madrid-Havana flights to five.

Spain, which is undergoing an economic recession, is Cuba’s third-largest tourism source market, following Canada and Britain. For January through July this year, the number of Spanish visitors was down 25.2 percent from the same period last year, according to Cuba’s Oficina Nacional de Estadísticas. In July, the most recent data available, the number of Spanish visitors was down 11.9 percent.

Reflecting similar crises in other European markets, the number of British visitors dropped by 18.1 percent in the January through July period, and visitors from Italy were down 4.5 percent.

Even so, the overall number of visitors to Cuba grew 5.4 percent from January through July, thanks to visitor increases from Canada (+8.8%), Argentina (+41.9%), France (+11.6%), Germany (+12.1%), Russia (+20.7%), Mexico (+8.8%), Venezuela (+19.2%), Netherlands (+9.3%), Colombia (+20.9%) and Chile (+8.9%).



6 thoughts on “Spanish and British tourists dwindle as other unprincipled slimeballs take their place

  1. It’s disgusting. Real story: older doc I knew visited Cuba a few years back. Immediately acquired younger Cuban doc as his “girlfriend”. He bought her many presents, took her out to many nice meals and dance spots. She was his all week. Problem? No problem as far as he was concerned; it was great for an old fart like him having a young intelligent woman laughing at his beck and call. Well, he certainly didn’t use the word “call”.
    Tragic how this system has corrupted so many of our people and made their thinking and actions upside down.

  2. Yes, but. THE worst offenders, all things considered, are Cubans abroad, who pump more money into Castro coffers than anybody else (except, I suppose, Hugo Chávez). I’m obviously not defending foreigners who blithely support a totalitarian horror because it’s leftist as opposed to unfashionably right-wing, but they’re not Cuban and will never see or feel the problem as if they were. I’ve got contempt to spare for the likes of Canadians, Spaniards and Latrine Americans, trust me, but they’re not as disgusting as Cubans who do the same thing, or worse, and clearly don’t give a shit. Like the “cool” people reportedly say, let’s keep it real.

  3. I recognize this is not what you mean, but, we did send my very old and sick and childless aunt money and meds (or she would have starved-nay, died of her sickness before that even had we not sent meds). The workers paradise has no placed for the aged and infirmed. So I guess in a way we helped the stupid system, but there was no way we weren’t going to help family.

  4. No, raddoc, that is not what I was referring to. There are legitimate cases, such as the one you describe, but I expect they account for a minority of the money and goods being sent. There are most definitely brazenly, outrageously illegitimate cases, pretty much everywhere you look if you care to do so. Cubans, or too many of them, are simply not serious people, or they sure as hell don’t act like it.

  5. There are many Cubans abroad who go to Cuba essentially as a vacation or resort destination like any other. They are not only no better than foreign tourists, but morally far worse. There are MANY non-essential, dispensable items of all sorts being sent constantly, and the responsible parties appear to think nothing of it. There are absolutely incredible acts like people here going to Cuba expressly to celebrate special events in rather exhibitionistic ways, and again, they apparently see nothing wrong with it. The list goes on and on. Many Cubans here seem to be competing with each other over who visits Cuba more often, brings their relatives over more often, and/or sends more money and goods over there. And no, they are not retarded. They know the score, but they simply ignore it, blow it off, or rationalize the situation. And frankly, I don’t see that changing, only escalating.

  6. Agreed. No one in my family has ever gone back, although I so want to see where I was born. The next best thing is to visit Miami or the Canary Islands and I will have to satisfy myself with that for the time being.

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