That much-heralded “Generational Shift!!!” in the Jewish Vote (is also Bunk)


Since 1972 I’ve been hearing and reading how Americans of Jewish heritage “have finally HAD IT with the Democrats! NO MAS!” Well:

According to the Gallup daily tracking poll between July 1 and Sept. 10, 70 percent of registered Jewish voters plan to vote for Obama vs. 25 percent for Romney

Oh, I know..I know…conservative Jewish pundits from Norman Podhoretz to David Horowitz to Dennis Praeger to Barry Farber to Bill Krystol often attempt to explain this most vexing of U.S. political oddities. And Nathaniel Wyel tried in an earlier generation. …blah..blah…blah….but nonetheless–there it is.




20 thoughts on “That much-heralded “Generational Shift!!!” in the Jewish Vote (is also Bunk)

  1. As disgraceful, disgusting and appalling as it is for any Cuban to vote Dem, given the conduct of JFK, Carter, Clinton and Obama concerning Cuba, one must admit that, given the historical record, only so much can be expected from a people as stupid and/or perverse as Cubans have proven to be. Again, given the historical record, rather more and better should be expected from Jews (and remember, I’m not Jewish; I just look that way). Most American Jews are simply irrational, to put it politely.

  2. I don’t get it.

    I JUST don’t get it.

    I am Jewish by investment (my wife is Jewish, ergo my kids are Jewish, ergo the investment part), I have successfully turned her into a rabid Republican.

    I can’t fathom why American Jews overwhelmingly support Democrats, but a survey posted here gives a great insight into American Jews as a voting block.

    Core Qualities of Jewish Identity. When asked which qualities are most important to their Jewish identity, nearly half (46%) of American Jews cite a commitment to social equality, twice as many as cite support for Israel (20%) or religious observance (17%). Fewer than 1-in-10 say that a sense of cultural heritage and tradition (6%) or a general set of values (3%) are most important to their Jewish identity.

    Economic Opportunity and Inequality. American Jews are not anti-wealth nor anti-Wall Street, but overall nearly three-quarters (73%) say that the United States’ economic system unfairly favors the wealthy.

    Nearly two-thirds (64%) of American Jews agree that the government should do more to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor, while roughly one-third (35%) disagree.

    More than 8-in-10 (81%) favor increasing the tax rate on Americans earning more than $1 million a year, compared to 17% who oppose this policy.

    Whie I do recognize their disproportionate contributions to the sciences, and their incredible presence in the Nobel Prize winner’s circle, as a voting bloc, they seem to be as clueless as your average lefty-because-I’ve-always-been-a-lefty lefty.

    Key ideological term by which to identify ALL lefties: “social justice”.

  3. So liberal Jews have set up and worship their own god, neither divine nor holy, but a human construct calculated to sucker useful idiots and gratify those who want to feel good about themselves, and superior to others, bypassing the truths and dictates of the G-d of Israel as too primitive, not to mention too inconvenient. So what are such Jews, and non-Jews like them, if not arrogant, stiff-necked fools who presume to have gone beyond and risen above the true G-d with their own creation?

  4. There is an impressive essay by the late economist Milton Friedman on this subject. He concluded that Jews are left-wing in part because they have been pained by the typical stereotype of themselves as money-obsessed scavengers and have wished to advance a different narrative.

  5. I’m personally convinced that part of the reason so many Jews are liberal is an image/fashion thing. After being marginalized and excluded for so long, they don’t want to be marginalized or denigrated again the way conservatives are by the “correct” cultural, academic and political establishments.

  6. Asombra, you are right. It’s tough being an outsider, which is also IMO the main reason for the existence of Reform Judaism, which abandons God, Jewish law, and does great harm to the Jewish people and Israel.

  7. Jews are still carrying a lot of nasty historical baggage, understandably so, and anything they perceive as threatening to make them outsiders or pariahs all over again is bound to elicit a visceral sort of rejection, not to say fear. One doesn’t have to be Freud to figure this out.

  8. Asombra, yes but wouldn’t you agree that it becomes pathological when people act on fear in a way that treatens their existence i.e. leftish Jews acting against Israel and voting for anti-Jewish politicians?

  9. Ziva,

    You’re right, is pathological, I don’t think Freud could diagnose or treat these people.

    We have many Americans that have forgotten what was at stake on September 11, 2001 or the fact that the same group that attacked us back them is still around with new leaders still willing to destroy us.

    I think the problem with this new generation of Jews is that they know about the Holocaust, but seem to have forgotten what led to it, or how much their enemies want to destroy the Jewish race and state.

    Now you have Iran’s leaders threatening to eliminate the Jewish state in no uncertain terms and these Jews downplay the danger of a new Holocaust.

    Pathological indeed…

  10. Ziva, one key thing is perception, which may, of course, be inaccurate or wrongheaded, and thus, in fact, be misperception. Another thing is perspective, which may also be wrongheaded or shortsighted. And then there are people’s priorities: does one follow fashion to protect one’s position and promote one’s vested interests in the “correct” establishment, or does one put Israel and one’s integrity as a Jew (as opposed to a liberal) first? I am often reminded of the story of Esau, usually in the context of Cubans and Cuba, since the problem is obviously not uniquely Jewish. It is always deplorable, no matter who does it, but one would think that Jews would be especially sensitive to that kind of failure. But, as I keep saying, generally speaking, fashion victimhood is a very serious problem for all sorts of people in all sorts of situations.

  11. Fashion victims. Excellent Asombra, and it is a very serious problem. Here’s an example from today (I hope not too off topic, that potentially affects all of us. Obama’s remark, “I’ve been told I’m just eye candy here.”

    I guess the message therein is vote for me because I’m hot. Serious pandering to mindless victims of fashion.

  12. I’m new to this argument, and I may get in trouble here, but I seem to recall having a general feeling (after reading several books on the subject) that pre-World War 2, Western Europe was the birth place of liberal Judaism. German Jews were leading the way into reform Judaism by embracing modern culture, advocating religious reforms, neglecting Jewish traditions, not speaking Yiddish, not learning Hebrew and generally becoming more ethnically German that Jewish.

    So it sort of tends to reason that it would be a hard thing for German/Western liberal Jews (leftists Jews) to accept the idea that they shared any level of ideological common ground with the group which perpetrated such atrocities on them as an ethnic group.

    They can accept the idea of persecution based on ethnicity, and even persecution based on cultural hatred and/or envy, but they cannot accept the reality that the genocide of the Jewish people of Europe was carried out by a group of people standing on their own side of the political ideological spectrum.

    They may not be able to accept that to this day, because in doing so, it feels as if they share in the responsibility for their own near extinction.


  13. Thanks Ziva, and you’re right, we could go on forever.
    If we are to believe the idea posited by Alexander Solzhenitsyn in his “Lenin in Zurich”, Hitler did not believe in National Socialism, but he understood that it was a means to an end, so he used it to motivate the masses, and he used the Jews as the tool to fan the fires of intra-cultural hatred (sound familiar?)

    Liberal Germanic/European Judaism runs smack into Adolph Hitler’s National Socialism, his tool to garner ultimate power, with Jews as National Socialism’s ultimate enemy, and suddenly, their own ideological super-ego is confronted with National Socialism’s unfettered id.

    So, where Jews, like Cubans, should be almost genetically peconditioned to reject any sort of ideological extremism as a result of past history, they seem (after a period of time has passed) to embrace it, still believing that it wasn’t liberalism/progressivism/leftist idealism at the root of the Holocaust, or the mess that Cuba has been under, but rather the misappropriation of those ideals by a group of individuals.

    In other words, the fact that leftist progressive ideology has not only not worked where implemented, but in addition has caused millions of deaths, misery, famine and brutality is NOT proof that the ideology is not viable, but rather that the people that have tried to set it in place weren’t capable of “managing the dream” correctly, and achieving the Nirvana imagined by pure ideologues.

    So, Liberal Jews then, Liberal Jews now, because it isn’t that the ideology is inherently flawed, but rather because people are.

    They miss the subtle irony of that thought.

    Somewhere in my shelves, I have a great book titled “Berlin Diary”, if you can find it, read it. It chronicles the days before the outbreak of World War (1934-1941), written by an American (?) journalist. I found his reports of Hitler’s methodology of convincing the people of Germany that Eastern Europeans and Jews were murdering ethnic Germans in Poland , etc, and using that as a means to get the German people behind his invasion of other nations enlightening. I had never understood how he had dragged Germany into a war of conquest, and the book helped me do so.

  14. The thing is they have a disconnect; what they think of as “liberal” the radical left, they don’t see as extreme. In their minds, only the “right” which they associate with Hitler is extreme, and because just about every group even slighty to the center of them and on, has been sucessfully labeled as some sort of far right boogey-man endangering all they hold dear, they run blindly away from any association with anyone or anything so labeled: Republicans, Conservatives, Pro-life, Proud Patriots, Members of the Military,the Orthodox, and most evil of all, their true good friends, Evangelical Christians. In other words all the targets of ACLU. Twisted logic, and so they embrace proponents of leftist progressive ideology responsible for an estimated 1.5-3 hundred million deaths, because now it’s different and their chosen one is going to be the one to make it work, and peace and love, and justice for all shall reign. Insanity!

    I checked, “Berlin Diary” is available at Amazon, including a very inexpensive Kindle version. I’ll start reading tomorrow, thanks.

  15. Remember that Marx was a renegade Jew who was anti-Semitic. He didn’t want to be what he was, but to “overcome” it and “rise above” it, so he rejected his heritage, rejected Judaism, and invented his own “religion.” Liberal Jews have essentially done the same thing, even if they’ve simply adopted beliefs concocted by others.

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