More Pearls of Wisdom from Obama Supporters in Cleveland

Honestly, I think it’s in the water up there…

Obamavoter in Cleveland Ohio explains that Assassinated Libya Ambassador “had it coming”, argues that Romney will raise taxes on middle class

Do you see why Romney’s 47% comment has more validity than not?

I guess old Joe Cleveland hasn’t seen the new Obama “A New Economic Patriotism” campaign ad yet…

Everything Obama has planned for us in four more years involves endless taxes that WILL hit the middle class and the lower class, hidden in ObamaCare and every anti-energy regulation his EPA puts in place. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.



13 thoughts on “More Pearls of Wisdom from Obama Supporters in Cleveland

  1. And what about many of us Republicans? So many that I know are whining about how Romney blew it, and that he should have watched what he said when he spoke last Spring. Give me a break. He said nothing that isn’t/shouldn’t be obvious. Of course we have a huge problem when half of our country is on the dole, and probably this same half is also not paying a penny in taxes–yet they have the right to vote and decide where the other half’s money is spent and how much of it is taken. Feels like we are living in an obscene, weird Sartre novel.

  2. The thing is, George, they do read; it’s just what they read that worries me. If I tell them something that happened just this week that should infuriate them and would if it were George Bush, for instance, that did it, they will not deal with it. I get one of three answers:
    1. I don’t want to talk about it.
    2. I didn’t know that.
    3. Where did you hear that?
    Never do they say that they will look it up. Ostriches. All they care about its the Supreme Court.

  3. The problem is not the Dem machine or Obama but the voters who enable them, even now, despite the abysmally poor record of the Obama administration and the Dem Congress. I know the MSM is largely corrupt and shameless, which makes things worse, but the mess is so bad and the stench is so great that anybody with half a brain should want Obama out on his ass yesterday, along with the likes of Reid, Pelosi and too many others in their category. No doubt some of it is stupidity, but I think more of it is due to the fact that human nature is all too often worse than we‘re comfortable admitting, because it’s very disturbing, not to say scary as hell. It was certainly that way in Cuba, and even today, after 50-plus years of hellish misery to prove it, Cubans still can’t face what the real problem was and is—they’re still talking and acting as if only a handful of mutants caused the disaster, more or less. Denial, of course, simply perpetuates the problem.

  4. Perhaps my comments weren’t as clear as I thought I was making-but I see a problem when we have our side not rowing straight in support of Romney. It’s too late for laments. We know he was an imperfect candidate (and not my first choice, although ultimately as Gingrich flamed outside of the debate scenario, I had no first choice amongst the choices we were given) but he is now our “guy”. To whine about whatever perceived mistakes he may make-and everyone is going to make mistakes (I can’t remember all of Reagan’s campaign, and although he made a fabulous onslaught, I’m sure he made some mistakes, and was considered behind Carter to near the end via the bad polling) we can’t harp on them the way folks like Krauthammer are now doing. It just cuts him down at his knees. We need to swallow a little, take a deep breath, and realize that even an old worn out shoe is better than Obama. Republicans need to rally and support Romney right now and stop whining.

  5. Raddoc,
    I agree completely. That’s why I have stopped watching Fox New and given up on NR online. I only come to babalu and a few blogs and for the rest I remain out of the loop.

  6. asombra,

    Truth be told at I have never witnessed so much stupidity among the American people that the one we’re seeing these days. Make no mistake about it the MSM is making sure to keep them stupid every time when they cover-up for any of Obama’s failures.

    From the international to the domestic front the MSM ensures the truth is withheld from the people. Unfortunately many Americans still believe on the MSM.

    If the MSM had the integrity to report the truth and confront this POTUS with it, many people would open their eyes and POTUS reelection chances would be toast by now.

    Instead we have a very close race…

  7. FreedomForCuba: I for one can’t decide how much of this is due to a frighteningly high percentage of the public being very foolish, and how much is due to the mindboggling bias of the press. Simply put, the press isn’t even mentioning matters that would reflect poorly on this incumbent.

    I have never seen anything like the slanted coverage Obama has received for the past four years. I think it FAR outpaces the shenanigans of previous years. Compare the uproar over Romney’s criticism of the Egyptian embassy with the blackout when Obama referred to the slaughter of Americans as “bumps in the road,” and you’ll get my meaning. I don’t think even Clinton would’ve gotten off THAT easily.

    It’s my sad but considered belief that the manipulations of the press will provide Obama’s margin of victory in November. I want to be wrong so very badly. I don’t think I am.

  8. mattmurphy,
    Somehow I think the public knows this and I am getting the feeling that Romney will win. What has changed for the better since November of 2010? Nothing. And much has gotten worse. Obama will get his blacks, liberals, and unions, but the rest of America is motivated and will, in a fair election, make Obama lose big, I believe.

  9. matt,

    Looks like the debates will decide this election.

    Mitt must be at his best and come swinging at the sound of the bell and give Obama no quarter.

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