Ya want our top notch doctors? Pay up. Whaddaya think we are? Monks?


It looks as if  the Ministry of Slaves in Castrolandia is getting greedy.  They are about to nearly double the rate they charge for the medical slaves sent to the third world.  Maybe it’s because they’ve been reading the latest official reports on the real cost of  Obamacare?   (“If they can get away with it….  hey….  why can’t we hike up our rates too?”)

Notice how much Namibia pays for each doctor and how little the doctors get. The slave owner skims 86%, the doctor slave gets 14%. On top of that the Namibian government has to provide fully furnished housing.  Oh yeah.   Great deal for the slave doctors.  After all,  Namibia is famous for its deluxe housing and amenities, especially out in the bush.   (Ñoooo…. tremenda choza, mami! Lo mejor de lo mejor!  Y esas culebras que se cuelan por la ventana son tan deliciosas.  Caldo  de mamba, mami!  Maaaaaamba!  Mamba gordita y larga! )

Namibia: Cuban Doctors Become Costly

from Allafrica.com

NAMIBIA and Cuba are negotiating a deal for medical personnel that, if it goes through, will cost the Namibian government N$1,3 million per person for a two-year period – close to 50% more than the current agreement. Currently, the fee is N$647 621 per person. There are 52 Cuban medical personnel in the country as part of the current agreement.

The fees Cuba wants to charge Namibia for medical personnel from that country “have no relation whatsoever with the prevailing market rates applicable in the public service within southern Africa as a whole”, a document seen by The Namibian states.

Because of this, there is a fear that the local market will be destabilised, the document warns.

Destabilising the market would push up the cost of medical care, which is already high, it warns.

Moreover, there are concerns that the new agreement will add fuel to the fire in the public servants’ wage talks.

“Since last year, there has been labour instability within the health sector and already, government is negotiating for wages for public servants. This new agreement may have bearing on the wage negotiations especially for public servants.”

Currently, the Namibian government pays N$23 000 on average per Cuban medical staff member per month. Of that amount, the Cuban medical personnel get a monthly allowance of N$3 200 for food and pocket money.

In terms of a new draft agreement, the cost will be N$51 800 per employee per month.

Also, the Cuban medical staff are provided with fully furnished housing, receive N$83 000 for international travel and N$12 621 for excess baggage and cargo when travelling back home on holiday.

Of the N$23 000 per month, N$3 200 is paid over to the Cuban embassy and is ultimately supposed to reach Havana…..

….. Between 2009 and now Namibia has received 410 Cuban medical health personnel including doctors, nurses, technicians and technologists and Namibia has paid only their living allowances, which amounted to N$14,4 million.

Of the above, 52 are doctors but Namibia wants 68 more Cuban doctors by April next year to bring the total to 120. That will be at an additional cost of N$31,2 million.

Under the new agreement Namibia will spend N$31 800 per month on a specialist, N$25 440 on a medical engineer at degree level, N$23 320 on specialised nurses and N$21 200 on health personnel and technicians at diploma level.

It is believed that Namibia is negotiating for a grace period for the current 52 Cuban doctors to continue receiving what they earn now until April next year when the ministry will have to find an additional N$30,3 million to fund the increases.

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