Che’s Daughter Goes Digging for Her Irish Roots


Aleida O’Guevara…

From Antoinette Kelly , staff writer at Irish Central:

The link between Ireland and Cuban revolutionaries seems to be growing. In a visit that seems certain to grate on conservative leaders in the US, it has been reported that Che Guevara’s daughter will visit a Dublin hospital during a week-long trip to Ireland.

According to the Evening Herald, Guevara’s daughter, Doctor Aleida Guevara March, is currently visiting Ireland with Che’s wife, Aleida March.

Doctor Guevara March is a pediatrician who works at the William Solder Paediatric Hospital in Havana. Yesterday she visited the Irish national parliament at Leinster House for a meeting with Irish ministers and senators.

Whilst in Ireland, Guevara March will reportedly promote the English version of the book “Remembering Che: My Life With Che Guevara,” written by her mother.

Doctor Guevara March will also be guest of the Galway Trades Council at the All Ireland Senior Hurling Final in Croke Park on Sunday.

Next Monday she is scheduled to attend an event sponsored by the trade union Unite where she will be a guest of the Irish Trade Unions Cuba Solidarity Committee.

Then at 8 P.M. she will speak in Liberty Hall for the launch of her mother’s book.

Che Guevara, the Argentinian born Cuban revolutionary icon who was also known as Ernesto Guevara Lynch, was killed leading a campaign in Bolivia in 1965. The Guevara Lynch family background is rooted in Galway.



3 thoughts on “Che’s Daughter Goes Digging for Her Irish Roots

  1. OMG! What is it with the Irish? They have such a want of real Irish heroes that they have to look for a hero in someone with obscure and distant Irish roots?

  2. Che never finished med school and never got an MD degree, but he was put forth as a “doctor.” I wonder how real her degree is, and whether she actually works as a pediatrician. Lord knows I wouldn’t put any child in her hands. Her meal ticket consists of peddling the mythology created about her murderous psychopath of a father, for which there’s admittedly an audience, even in places that should know far better than Latrine America. That is also her mother’s meal ticket, hence the book. Still, they’re peddling lies, and anybody who traffics in such a perverse fraud is utterly disreputable—even if they believe the bullshit, which they may, at least in part—but I’m quite sure neither she nor the mother is above lying for gain. Just two more parasites living off Cuba’s tragedy.

  3. She looks every inch the daughter of a fraud, a failure and a fiend. This cow keeps grazing and bloviating away, when every single calorie that goes in her mouth should go to ordinary Cubans. She belongs with the laughably pathetic Cretina Kirchner in Argentina, or better still, with those malevolent crones from the Plaza de Mayo, the ones who toasted 9/11. Her mere presence in Cuba, even if she were never to speak or show herself publicly again, is an intolerable affront. She’s like a walking reservoir of pestilence, and the blood of her father’s victims screams out incessantly against her, because his own damned blood runs through her veins. And yet she dares to strut and play the heroine, or at least a hero’s daughter, as if Cubans should not only admire her but treasure her bovine presence on their soil–which her alien father helped ravage and ruin. To paraphrase Shakespeare, “Out, out, damned spot!”

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