It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Fat Lady Sees the Cows Coming Home Singing “It’s Over”

If you pay attention to the mainstream media, this race is over, and we may as well just forego the expense of actually having an election.

Barack wins, nothing to see here…everybody just go back to “Dancing With the Stars”, thanks for the giggles Mitt.


Not quite, sayeth University of Colorado Political Science Professors Kenneth Bickers and Michael Berry, whose electoral college model has correctly foretold the outcome of every Presidential election since 1980.

According to their model, Romney wins, and he wins big.

Political science professors Kenneth Bickers and Michael Berry’s study predicts 218 electoral votes for President Obama and 320 for Romney with the Republican candidate winning every seat currently considered to be on the fence.

The prediction model uses economic data from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, including income per capita and both state and national unemployment figures.

The research concluded that U.S. voters blame Democrats for high unemployment rates but hold Republicans more responsible for low per capita income.

It also showed that the advantage of holding the White House disappears for Democratic candidates when the national unemployment rate hits 5.6 per cent.

‘Based on our forecasting model, it becomes clear that the president is in electoral trouble,’ Professor Bickers said

The prediction was made mid-August, and there is an expected update which would take into account the Presidential debates, and while the numbers may surely shift, a shift that would overcome a spread of nearly 100 electoral votes would have to come as a result of a catastrophic error by Romney.

Worthy of note is the fact that this model does not take into consideration the voter’s reaction to the terrorist attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi, the Administration’s handling of the issue, and Romney’s perceived reaction gaffe.

To be fair, there are two electoral college models which have correctly predicted the outcome of the electoral college correctly since the 80’s, the second model created by American University professor Allan Lichtman. Professor Lichtman’s model predicts an Obama win.

Mr. Lichtman has identified 13 key factors—true-or-false tests—that will make the outcome clear. According to Mr. Schoelzel, if the president “escapes with less than five falsees, he is able to hold onto the office,” but not if he has six or more. So Mr. Lichtman has concluded that Obama will win the election.

As it appears that one of the two infallible models will fail this year, unless the predicted outcomes are changed by either in this upcoming update. What is for certain, is that is spite of the coronation attempt by the mainstream media, this race is too close to call.

For those who may wish to paint Babalú as a biased site, I’d like to point out that in reporting the conflicting electoral college predictions, we have once again proven ourselves to be “fair and balanced” in our posting, giving both candidates a full measure of respect, as warranted by their political stature.

May the best man win!

The Next President of The United States of AmericaAss clown



7 thoughts on “It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Fat Lady Sees the Cows Coming Home Singing “It’s Over”

  1. If Obama is re-elected, those responsible fully deserve the consequences, and the only reason not to wish that on them is that EVERYBODY would wind up being screwed. That’s the Achilles heel of democracy: it cannot compensate for lousy voters when they are the majority. Even if, God willing, Romney wins, we’re still in serious trouble, because the people who are still willing to back Obama are not going anywhere, and they amount to about half the country. Lord, how did this country degenerate to its current state?

  2. At this point, ignorance is no longer a valid explanation for backing Obama, despite the media’s blatant bias. Only mental retardation, or what amounts to mental illness (or at least severe dysfunction) would explain wanting to keep him in office. How can so many people be so screwed up? Lord have mercy.

  3. “Lord, how did this country degenerate to its current state?’

    Fifty plus years of MSM and college academia indoctrination on the American people plus mistakes made(mostly by the RINOS)in the GOP.

    That’s how we got to our current state…

  4. Asombra; as always, you are spot-on about this pathetic populace and how it’s degenerated to the point that they elected this monstrosity of a President. FFC; you have hit it on the button. The liberal-left has won the culture wars via control of education, media, and entertainment. Over forty years of indoctrination has brought us to this point. The Left is unmerciful and feeds off the ignorance, laziness, immaturity, irresponsibility, and naivete of our citizenry. If they prevail again, the decent, hardworking, responsible people in this country will serve as the ‘worker ants/bees (i.e. slaves)’ for the worthless rabble that support this piece of shit and his scumbag Democratic Party. And yes, any decent person that votes for those bastards deserves to suffer the severest consequences for their blind ignorance. Unfrigginbelieveable!

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