Obama Offers Payola to Defense Contractor to Break the Law Before the Election…

Whatever you want to call it. Just hold off on those layoff notices until after the election and we’ll pay your legal fees with “O-bama money”. Ya know, no biggie…

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) says that he will do anything he can to block the Obama administration from reimbursing defense contractors for severance costs if the firms don’t send layoff notices to employees.

The Obama administration issued guidance Friday that said defense firms’ costs would be covered if they have to layoff workers due to canceled contracts under the across-the-board cuts set to take effect Jan. 2.

The layoff notices have become a politically charged issue because they could have come just four days ahead of the election because of a 60-day notice required by federal law for mass layoffs.

I am sure this is just, yet, another racist move in a long line of racist moves by the House GOP

If a $16 trillion debt wasn’t enough for taxpayers to lose sleep over, the Obama administration has offered to pick up the check — at taxpayer expense — for legal costs associated with defense industry layoffs should automatic Pentagon cuts be triggered.

Republicans are now crying foul over the move, accusing the White House of playing politics over the possibility of mass layoffs. At issue are the crush of Pentagon budget cuts set to go into effect starting in January should Congress fail to avert them. Under federal law, many employers are supposed to give 60-day notice of “mass layoffs” if they are considered likely, but the Obama administration for months now has urged companies not to do so.

Last week, the administration doubled down on that plea by offering to cover legal fees in compensation challenges.

Rep. Buck McKeon, R-Calif., chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said the notice amounted to a “threat” to contractors.

“It appears companies will bow to the threat implicit in last week’s OMB guidance; withhold notices today or the government might not cover your court costs down the road,” he said.

Further, McKeon warned that the administration was using tax dollars to win over companies to follow the “dubious” and “politically motivated” guidance to ignore the federal law known as the WARN Act.

“Even though the (White House budget office) directive purports to protect the defense industry against the costs of not complying with the WARN Act, they cannot guarantee how the courts would rule in such an action. Thus the president has pledged to compound the impact of sequestration by dedicating already scarce resources to cover needless court costs,” McKeon said.

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A couple additional points to be made here…

Do you recall this? “Bid for a Govt Contracting Job, Obama Wants to Know Your Political Contributions – Unions Exempt”

And were you aware of the EPA’s little deals? “Government Pays Huge Fees to Green Lawyers to Sue Government: Win Win for EPA Regulations”

At this time, we just will not re-hash all those billions in ‘stimulus’ dollars, okay, taxpayer dollars, okay then, “O-bama Money” laundered to solar/green energy companies that eventually went belly-up.