My God! The Natural Lighting on the Capitol Building’s Balcony is Incredible!


Well, you be the judge…

Here’s another from the same interesting photo-shoot for the latest issue of “Vogue”


And here is one from last month’s DNC Convention…


Oh! Yeah, it’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz!


Hey, where the heck has she been since that DNC convention, anyway?

Have you noticed that we’ve seen a lot less of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz recently? Since getting caught misrepresenting her own statements caught on tape in early September, she seems to have been relegated to the back bench.

Wednesday night was the first presidential debate, and Democrats had their various surrogates on hand to talk to the media. Rep. Wasserman-Schultz gave interviews to Univision, 7 News Colorado, and what appears to be a pre-debate interview with an ABC affiliate. She’ll appear on Bloomberg TV this Sunday and she has a new profile in Vogue of all places, but these are not the sort of prime communications assignments she has had in the past.

Currently, Rep. Wasserman-Schultz is on a DNC bus tour making stops in places like Parma, Ohio and Dubuque, Iowa along with Sandra Fluke. These are swing states, so the GOTV efforts there are important. Still, the assignment also has the effect of relegating Debbie to small gatherings of like-minded Democrats and appearances on local news affiliates.

Rep. Wasserman-Schultz’s semi-retreat from the public eye seems to have begun in early September when a scandal erupted over some comments she attributed to the Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren. She claimed, in front of a group of Jewish voters, that the ambassador had said Republicans were “dangerous” for Israel.

After the comments were published by Philip Klein at the Examiner, Rep. Wasserman-Schultz claimed she had never made them. At this point, Klein published his audio recording of the statement, which clearly proved she had said exactly what he claimed. If that weren’t bad enough, Oren denied “categorically” that he had ever said such a thing.

Within a couple days of the controversy, Politico piled on with a story suggesting that Wasserman-Schultz’s future within the Democratic Party appeared hazy

Oh dear.

But hey, she looks just fabulous!

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4 thoughts on “My God! The Natural Lighting on the Capitol Building’s Balcony is Incredible!

  1. she should hire that Vogue photographer to manipulate — I mean, enhance — er, I mean, clean up her screwed up act; as if that were possible

    God bless Adobe Photoshop

  2. Just the thing for a high-level Congresswoman to be doing, especially considering the state of the country and the world: getting all dolled up by a fashion mag and striking poses. So appropriate, useful and ever-so-reassuring. I can only imagine what Golda Meir would think of it. Honestly, DWS must have a brain the size of a peach pit. Well, if nothing else, the Vogue crew did manage to improve her appearance considerably, even if the photos are manipulated up (they must be, because the real her is obviously that last photo, and the ghastly dressed-up version at the DNC is even worse).

    Can you imagine the response from the usual suspects if a prominent Republican female politician did this? Sure you can. SNL would be orgasmic. The only catch is that Vogue would never do this kind of puff piece on a Republican–such favors are reserved for Democrats, their exotic friends like Huma Abedin, and truly worthy foreigners like Syria’s Mrs. Assad. That Anna Wintour is worth every penny, isn’t she?

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