Rumors that fidel castro is dead, must be October… (UPDATED)

…Or…the regime is pulling another misdirection hocus pocus…

fidel castro is dead, they say.


Update by Pitbull: Here is a screenshot of the site in the event some of are getting errors. A translation would be much obliged:

Castro Death Rumor 20121010



10 thoughts on “Rumors that fidel castro is dead, must be October… (UPDATED)

  1. I got that as well, switched browers and search engine, then it came right up. I got an SQL error message. Is it possible they are trying to block it? If so…

  2. Well, at least we know the odds are on our side because Cagastro is not getting any younger.

    Sooner than later he’ll make his grandiose entrance into Hell…

    Keep the champagne ready…just in case it happens when least expected…

  3. “Did Val kill [f]idel, again?!?”

    I suspect Val has a Castro effigy in his backyard to use for target practice.

    On weekends, he throws empty beer bottles at it for fun. After all that mauling, that effigy still looks better than the mummy at Punto Zero.

  4. ‘Maybe I’ll finally be able to publish the obituary I wrote five years ago for this miserable motherfucking cocksucker son-of-a-bitch hijo de puta…”

    Don’t worry pitbull, cool your jets for now, keep your obituary on ice just a little longer. Soon enough your deadline for publishing (and Cagastro’s departure to hell) will arrive.

    Just make sure your bar is well stocked for the after posting celebrations to come…

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