Jawohl, mein Kommandant, unser Revolutionsführer über alles!

Sehr schrecklich, mein Kommandant, sehr schrecklich!
Sehr schrecklich, mein Kommandant, sehr schrecklich!

Yes sir, Commander, our revolutionary leader above all else!

Yeow! News that should stun all Castrophiles and ignoramuses, but which comes as no surprise to Cubans. Newly-released German documents prove that ultra-leftist super-hero Saint Fidel Castro hired ex- SS storm troopers and made deals with other ex-Nazis and ultra-right extremists.

We intransigents have been comparing Fidel to Hitler for over fifty years, only to be ridiculed.  We have pointed out that his only genuine ideology was the exaltation of his own ego, and the retention of power at all costs, and that he admired and emulated both Hitler and Mussolini.  Well, read this and weep, all ye scoffers.

Fidel, Fidel, über alles, über alles in der Welt! Fidel, Fidel sobre todo, sobre todo en el mundo!

Here is a summary of the article in Die Welt:

Castro’s Interest in the Waffen-SS

West German intelligence operatives detected the presence in Cuba of at least two ex-Nazis who were hired by Fidel Castro to train his armed forces at the time of the missile crisis of 1962.

On 26 October 1962, at the peak moment of the crisis, the West Germans noted that Castro had retained the services of four former members of Hitler’s SS, two of whom were spotted in Cuba. The presence of the other two could not be confirmed.

Bodo Hechelhammer, chief of historical investigations at the Bundesnachrichtendienst (Federal Intelligence Service, or BND) said: “The Cuban revolutionary army had no qualms about working with personnel who had ties to Nazism, as long as it served their objectives.”

The same report also makes mention of two ultra-right German arms dealers – Otto Ernst Remer und Ernst-Wilhelm Springer – who made it possible for the Castro regime to buy 4,000 Belgian-made weapons.

These revelations were made by the German newspaper Die Welt, in an article that also contains details about the presence of nuclear weapons in Cuba, and of the secret deals made by the Soviets and Americans, which greatly angered Fidel Castro. A much shorter version of the German article has appeared in Spain’s ABC and in Diario de Cuba.

Prized items from Fidel's toy collection
Prized items from Fidel's toy collection



3 thoughts on “Jawohl, mein Kommandant, unser Revolutionsführer über alles!

  1. Besides, Fidel had massive Soviet/communist ties, and who killed more people and did more harm overall, the Nazis or the communists? Does anybody care? NO.

  2. Castro was an avid reader of Mein Kampf in his youth, and one of his most famous phrases (“History will absolve me”) is lifted from Hitler. This has been known for ages, and it has never made any difference. He was also an admirer of Mussolini and Franco when they were in their prime and men to be reckoned with, and again, nobody cares. The reason Castro finally went with communism as opposed to fascism is that fascism was defeated and discredited, and he needed something with better prospects that would still give him absolute power.

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