Zombies? Of course we write about zombies!

Every once in a while I receive an email that makes me shake my head and chuckle out loud. This is the email I received this morning, redacted:

Hi there!

I stopped by babalublog.com earlier today and noticed you tend to write about zombies from time to time. Because of that, I thought it might be worth it to share an article with you published by […] with detailed information on how to prepare a barn or garage for the zombie apocalypse.

Check it out here: […]

If you have a second, I’d love to have you check it out and see if it may be of interest to your readers or tie into one of your upcoming stories. Or, if you’d be willing to share it with any of your fans and followers, that would be great, too!

Any questions, please let me know. It’s also cool if you want to give me a call at the number below. And thanks for taking a second to check out this article.

Have a great weekend! Oh… and if you watch it, enjoy the premiere of ‘The Walking Dead’ on tonight!

The writer of the email has done a keyword analysis of our blog that has equated critiques of Dems, liberals and “progressives” with zombies! Go figure. Keyword search accuracy, at last!

(BTW, wasn’t last night’s season 3 premiere episode awesome?)



One thought on “Zombies? Of course we write about zombies!

  1. Yeah, let’s send the old guy, our only doctor-like member of the group, into the dark rotting corridors of the prison … and NOT pop the skulls of every rotting body along the way. But we will remember to bring along a can of spray paint for arrow-making.

    Shit, I’d be carrying burning torches through the hallways, for starters, and popping heads along the way, even if they are on the floor.

    Good move by Rick hacking off the old guy’s leg after the bite. I thought about it as soon as he’d been chewed on. We’ll see if that works.

    While they are all carriers, I ponder why a bite hastens the transformation.

    Should be an intense season.

    BTW, I hadn’t thought about the ‘baby’ questions Lori brought up.

    And I can’t stand Lori…

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