7 thoughts on “So then, how did this happen?

  1. Republicans have only themselves to blame for accepting such a moderator. It’s not just stupid; it’s WEAK.

  2. A doctored transcript at that. Outside the nutroots cheering crowd, I don’t think this blatent lying is going to help Obama. CNN and Crowley deserve each other.

  3. I read, which may or may not be true, that when it came to choosing or approving a moderator, each side could veto one candidate for the job, but only one. There was only one conservative in the selected pool, who was naturally vetoed by the Dems, but more than one liberal. All the Republicans could do was veto the worst offender. Sounds plausible enough.

  4. Luis, I agree it goes much deeper. We could write a book… but here are a few questions, just on the Libya issue to scratch the surface a little.

    Why did Obama send a possibly gay ambassador to a country where homosexuality is considered offensive and punishable by death, and why on earth, considering the instability of Libya and the approach of 9/11 anniversary did they not provide protection, even after repeated requests?

    Why has the Obama administration marginalized and/or participated in ending regimes in the Middle East friendly to the US and engineered the rise of new anti-American leaders involved with/affiliated with al Quada, and others involved with the terrorist attacks of 9/11?

    What has Obama, the Manchurian Candidate, actually done behind the scenes during the past 3 1/2 years when he’s not vacationing or campaigning, because he sure as hell hasn’t worked at being President.

    What does the future world Utopia envisioned by international radicals look like after their alliance with radical Islam wins world domination? (Just throwing this one out there to point out the idiocy.)

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