fidel castro Almost Alive

Local news is reporting that Cuban news media is reporting that fidel castro – whom it was reported last week was either dead or in ill health – has written the world a letter confirming that he is, in fact, still possibly alive and dictating:

The Cuban government-run newspaper Granma has published a letter signed by Fidel Castro, the first by the 86-year-old former president to be made public since July.

The letter, dated Wednesday, comes in the wake of rumors this month that prompted Castro’s relatives to deny that his health had worsened.

And there you have it, folks. Proof positive that fidel castro may be alive, unless he’s actually dead, yet maybe alive, but possibly already dead which makes it highly unlikely that he’s alive, unless, of course, Granma is actually telling the truth and he’s alive, or Granma is lying as they’re wont to do and fidel is dead which means he’s no longer breathing and thus technically not alive, in the alive sense of the word. Which would mean he’s dead. Or, as I like to refer to it, almost alive.



8 thoughts on “fidel castro Almost Alive

  1. I see what you’re doing here…Every time you kill fidel, he reappears. Now you’re declaring him officially alive… Well played, Val, Well played

  2. Everything that comes out of that regime is a lie, so as you say, he may be dead, maybe alive. At this point it probably doesn’t matter much, because the senile, rotting corpse doesn’t have the faculties to misrun and f–k up the the country anymore. Raul is doing that now. What probably happened is that the piece of shit had another health crisis that spurred on the death rumors [this has happened in the past]. There’s also the psychological aspect of the death rumors. The demented regime likes to demoralize the exile community. Every time we think that he’s dead, he rises up again. It makes him look invulnerable and dashes our hopes.

    Truth is though that he will die soon as anyone who has seen him can tell. It’s a matter of time. Let’s home that he goes to Hell soon.

  3. His work is done, and it’s in the best possible hands in terms of being maintained. His physical status is no longer of much real significance. Even if a meteorite fell on him and crushed him to dust tomorrow, it wouldn’t really change anything. The damage, the incalculable, unfathomable, horrendous damage, is done with or without him being around.

  4. Still, I’m hoping for finally, totally, definitively, completely dead. And if he is, no doubt they’re waiting until after the election, hoping that the more flexible one will come to their rescue.

  5. I have buried enough friends and family members in their mid-eighties to understand that Fidel Castro doesn’t have much to live.

    Whether it is now, or within a month (or several months), or in worst case scenario one or two years at the most, his deadline for his meeting with Lucifer is getting close.

    It is always very possible that his deadline is closer than we think…

    His deterioration was obvious during the Pope’s visit. At this point due to the combination of his advanced age and obvious medical conditions anything can and will happen.

    Sooner than later expect the big news we have been hoping for so long; so keep the champagne ready for the huge celebrations to come.

  6. Asombra:

    “The damage, the incalculable, unfathomable, horrendous damage, is done with or without him being around.”

    EXACTLY. That’s the worst part of it all. Not only has he destroyed the country [utterly, totally and morally], but he has consolidated his power in perpetuity even after death. [sigh].

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