Candidates Enjoy One-Liners at The 2012 Al Smith Dinner

Both had some good writers behind their presentations. But they both did pretty good with timing and delivery. Oh, and who the hell gave Chris Matthews THAT seat?

Romney’s wardrobe opener was great. And he hits the MSM pretty good. But two of Romney’s best lines were about hoping Joe Biden had come along, and Obama’s advice to The Pope.

Obama’s best lines are at Chris Matthews’s expense, and the little thing about his own “middle name”…

Editor Note:

I had originally posted this late last night and saw the castro news had gone up at around the same moment(s). So I pulled it down and scheduled it for first thing this morning. When I checked upon logging on this a.m. I saw Ziva had the same impulse to post it last night. I removed the Romney video and left the Obama vid…



5 thoughts on “Candidates Enjoy One-Liners at The 2012 Al Smith Dinner

  1. Oh, come on. He got some good ones in. He has terrible delivery. I don’t know why people ever thought he was so inspiring and a good speaker, orator. He never impressed me. I hate his sing-song delivery and the sound of his voice.
    But he did have some good lines.

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