It’s a Family Affair…..(endorsing Obama, that is)


Endorsements for Obama from Castro family:


and now from Miami:
4. Juanita:

“It is irresponsible to circulate unfounded rumors (about Fidel’s death.) I am very busy with the campaign for the re-election of Obama, who is the candidate I like and seems to be the best for the country where I have lived for 48 years.”


It’s a family affair, it’s a family affair
One child grows up to be
Somebody that just loves to learn
And another child grows up to be
Somebody you’d just love to burn
Mom loves the both of them
You see it’s in the blood
Both kids are good to DAD
‘Blood’s thicker than mud’
It’a a family affair…



20 thoughts on “It’s a Family Affair…..(endorsing Obama, that is)

  1. She means nothing, but it’s now definitive: not a molecule of shame in her. Words cannot express the depth of my contempt.

  2. Well, if you can’t get somebody to nuke the US, work for it to keep a toxic president. Perfectly in keeping with family tradition. And to think she’s been suckling at the American teat for decades. Remember the old saying: “Cría cuervos y te sacarán los ojos.”

  3. But let’s try to see the “up” side here, such as it is: the woman, however disgusting, is an instructive example, albeit unwittingly. She’s a classic case of an age-old Cuban problem, famously addressed by Martí: la falta de decoro–the lack of dignity. Woe unto the people afflicted by that. Cuba has paid a terrible price for having too many “hombres (y mujeres) sin decoro.” Let that be a lesson to us, and to all Cubans everywhere.

  4. And, for what it’s worth, Carlos Alberto Montaner is a dear friend of this Obama campaign worker. All very open-minded and, uh, liberal, I’m sure.

  5. I lost any respect I had for Juanita Castro when she sued her niece, Alina Fernandez, for defamation of character. Apparently, Miss Juanita was offended that Alina in her bio depicted Angel Castro [fidel’s dad] as an assassin and crook even though the stories of him killing Haitian laborers that worked on his farm and stealing land at night have been collaborated time and time again by different and reliable sources. She was also angry that Alina spoke of her mother [Lina] who was Angel’s paramour as just that, a paramour. Juanita then wrote a whitewashed piece of crap that depicted her parents as saints and even depicted raul castro as a sweet little boy who is actually quite compasionate. In her book, her family was a normal, everyday family—something out of “Leave it to Beaver.”

    I can understand if Juanita is angry and ashamed, but she should nevertheless turn around and keep quiet. Her family’s debt to Cuba is so enormous, the harm that they have done and continue to do is so great that whatever personal pride she has, she should swallow.

    Essentially, Juanita has undone with her left hand, what she did with her right hand. When she first came to the USA, she used to be a staunch critic of her brother, but lately, she has gone so ar as to criticize the exile community for celebrating what they thought was castro’s death a few years ago.

  6. Well, if you look at that wedding photo, they look normal enough, and certainly ordinary, except for the two goons in military costume. The old biddy herself, front and center in her ridiculous hat, is perfectly mundane. You’d never guess from just looking at her that she was the mother of horrifically evil monsters. Appearances, needless to say, can be deceiving.

  7. Rayarena,

    Juanita doesn’t give a shit about Cuba, no one in that family does. As far as they’re concerned, Cuba is their private plantation and the Cuban people are their slaves for life.

  8. Freedom,

    You’re absolutely right. It appears that all the castro’s see Cuba as their personal little fiefdom. How dare “those people” question their divine right to rule over Cuba!

    Asombra: you’re right, execept for the two goons in the back and the old biddy with the ridiculous hat, they look normal. And besides, we’re just Cubans.

  9. Freedom,

    You’re absolutely right. It appears that the castro’s see Cuba as their personal little fiefdom. How dare “those people” question their divine right to rule over Cuba!

    Asombra: you’re right, execept for the two goons in the back and the old biddy with the ridiculous hat, they look normal. And besides, we’re just Cubans.

  10. Perhaps I’d be impressed if you went to school with Sylvester Stewart. I saw him a and his family, stoned in concert at the Miami Jai Alai Fronton many years ago and I sure was impressed.

  11. More to my earlier post, when Cuban exiles celebrated castro’s death on Calle Ocho [after they thought that he had died], Juanita started characterizing the celebrants as these horrible people. She said something like that she couldn’t understand how anyone could feel joy at the death of another human being.

    She then said that she knew for a fact that castro wasn’t dead. Obviously, she stays well connected with “the family,” [Alina not included].

    It’s pretty sick that this woman can’t understand why anyone would celebrate castro’s death.

  12. As I see it, the Castro family was just “chusma con dinero,” meaning they had money but no class, and were socially tainted by adultery and illegitimacy. Even the money was reportedly ill-gotten and involved exploitation of workers such as Haitian migrants. In other words, the Castros hardly qualified as “gente decente,” let alone “gente fina,” which probably explains a lot. I think it’s behind the element of overcompensation and of trying to get back at traditional Cuban society, which prized lineage and certainly breeding, and distinctly looked down upon “women of easy virtue” and bastard offspring (Argentina’s Evita, a loose and vulgar woman who wanted to be royalty, had similar issues and similar hostility toward traditional society in her country). It’s not surprising that the Castros would behave like “gente acomplejada.” The Castroite hostility toward “bourgeois” values and culture was not simply a Marxist thing but, in my view, rooted in resentment and vindictiveness. And yes, this is the family or the kind of people to whom Cubans turned over EVERYTHING, including their future and that of their descendants. Lord, the shame.

  13. Asombra,

    You hit the nail on the head. Castro doesn’t have a shred of principles in him. I could grudgingly respect him if he were an idealogue [misguided as he might be], and really believed in what he does, but he has no principles and knows that what he does is a lie. It’s all a facade, a charade.

    Everything that he has ever done is motivated by some totally selfish and nacissistic impulse. As you point out, he is an acomplejado whose motivation was to get back at Cuba’s society that looked down on people like him and his family.

    Just look at the woman that he’s attracted to:

    White, blonds, socialites, wealthy

    What’s more, he destroyed Cuba’s legitimate aristocracy, and founded a new oligarchy with his family at the center.

  14. Batista also wasn’t part of Cuba’s elite, and rest assure, Cuba’s elite never saw him as elite either. The difference with Batista was that he wasn’t born with a silver spoon like Castro, he wasn’t a brat. Batista was a humble, yet ambitious autodidact, who lost his mother at 14 and who from a young age saw what his nation had to offer, grabbed a bag, and went for it.

    He worked the cane fields, docks, railroads. He was a tailor, mechanic, vendor, and this while attending night school before joining the military. He always wanted to be part of Cuba, be more than a guajiro, and Cuba indeed made him someone as a result of his own efforts long before reappearing in ’52. Castro on the other hand was a boarding school faggot who always depended on daddy’s check and one who never had a known job prior to gaining power.

    From an early age Castro always got what he wanted through demands, threats, and manipulations. Being a boarding school kid also fed the misbehavior and the bubbled life. Yet, once he stepped into the real world he saw that it wasn’t finding him so special as he believed he was. He could not get the exact government jobs he wanted from the start nor be that famous baseball player. Reality was not only something new to him, he did not like it one bit and resented it.

    Hey, communist Pol Pot in Cambodia also resented all the educated people in his nation to the point that he killed 2 million of them while he himself had studied in France and enjoyed poetry. He needed to be the only one and at the expense of all else. These people are all conceited and egotistical nutjobs with a lot of resentment towards that which challenges such. As for Castro’s family in general; indeed, they were, and are trashy in Cuba and anywhere.

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