Ñoooooooooooooo !!!!!!

acto de repudioProof positive that racist neocolonialism is alive and thriving…..

From the superior beings at London24.com — where the search for local colour never ends.

The only superlative missing from the description below is : “best and cheapest child prostitutes in the world!”  Party on, dudes….

Win a week in Cuba

Monday, October 29, 2012
9:33 AM

Steeped in culture, history and beauty, Cuba has been a popular tourist destination for years. With some of the best beaches in the world and home to Havana, one of the all time party capitals, Cuba has absolutely everything you could need in a holiday no matter what your tastes.

If you’re into your beach holidays then you can sip rum whilst lounging on the pristine untouched beaches of the North coast, swim with dolphins or scuba dive in some of the best dive sites in the world, or if culture is your thing then explore the music clubs of Havana, or the rich cultural heritage of the city of Trinidad – or do it all! With this holiday you won’t have to choose as we’re giving you the chance to win the holiday of a lifetime. Enter now for your chance to win.

This prize draw closes on Wednesday, 31 October 2012 Terms and Conditions.  Click here to enter the competion.

Cuba cake



4 thoughts on “Ñoooooooooooooo !!!!!!

  1. The real problem is that there’s a market for this sort of thing, a big audience waiting to lap it up. Whenever something, anything, is sufficiently marketable and potentially profitable, it WILL be promoted and offered as attractively as possible to prospective buyers. Ask Canadians.

  2. Omar; she’s probably living in a Plan 8 apartment in Hialeah, collecting food stamps and disability, while sucking c..k ‘por la izquierda’. Miserable bitch… That’s the face of the Revolution….

  3. Well, this Esquire article practically did. I remember reading this shameless and miserable garbage back in 2008 when it came out on newsstands.

    “Sniff out a girl who’s amenable, spend some time together and treat her nice, buy her a cheese sandwich and her kids some diapers, and she’ll give a toothless old bullethead the ride of his life.”


    Apparently the big problem leftists have with the prostitution that existed in Cuba during its capitalist era was that it cost more than a sandwich. Now under Castro when prostitution is even more rampant, the result of a regime that does not permit a market economy but charges in foreign currency, and clearly not a fair financial exchange but an exploitation of human misery caused by communist oppression, a “cheese sandwich”, they keep quiet.

    According to the article Cuba is great because anyone can be the man with cubanas by just having a sandwich, the type of sandwich that no ordinary Cuban is allowed to buy in his own nation nor permitted to make himself because the supply chain of such ingredients is illegal outside that which is state controlled and for state use. This is what Cuba has become; but of course, the leftists at Hollywood and Berkley will rather continue to call capitalist Cuba the immoral and exploited Cuba because it simply had foreign investment and high-end casinos that catered to Floridians and Americans, dumb mother fu%^&rs.

    And of course, I continue, the John will have to pay more than a sandwich and a couple of pampers only if the personal at the government owned hotel wants a cut, for they wouldn’t settle for a sandwich, oh no, the communist parasites like capitalist currency and they like it in exchange for nothing like the thieves they are, to the point that they will not let “toothless old bullethead” into the room with a girl that is not theirs unless they get paid. After all, their tourist industry is based on this, the vestiges left from when the place was a atrocious nation and not a utopian sect-camp, and not much else.

    As a result, the virtues of Castro and its trained dogs, after 53 years, have not only been repainting 1958 Cadillacs but also permitting the place to become pedophile friendly as long as the money is there. These communists are indeed such patriots, humanitarians, and have contributed so much for their nation’s development, morality, and economy.

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