After “Sandy” … Priorities


In the wake of outrage from around the country, but more importantly from his own citizenry, Mayor Bloomberg has canceled Sunday’s New York City Marathon. Really? You had to be pressured to do this when you can see many of your constituents are without shelter and sanitation,food, water, clothing, electricity you thought you could just pull limited and strained resources to a marathon event? (I think this is only topped by his being pressured to come out the other day into endorsing Obama in the election … well, that, and global warming, of course.)
Bloomberg said, “We would not want a cloud to hang over the race or its participants, and so we have decided to cancel it.”

So, those unfortunate New Yorkers struggling moment to moment since the storm are some “cloud”? People of NYC, please gaze at the blinding light of stupidity you elected. I heard some runner on the news say he had trained for a year and traveled to NYC and is now very disappointed he can’t run. Yeah, I’ll feel your pain six weeks from never, buddy. Go home to your food, water, toilet, clean bed, and lights and heat.

Some of the emergency responders along the coast hit by Sandy, such as police and firefighters, lost their homes in the storm as well, but still are showing up for work. Utility workers are doing what they can, but when it’s your neighborhood stranded for a week without electricity you get frustrated. Even The Red Cross seems ill-prepared. But the longer people are trapped without the most primary needs being met the more fear, frustration and anger grow. But it is November, and as I write this from North East Ohio (where we had days of wind and rains from Sandy, and now cold) I cannot help but think how, as the temperatures drop, those victims of this storm and it’s aftermath in New York, New Jersey and up the coast are feeling every moment as an eternity. I hope and pray people there can keep it together. And even with the controversy of the overseas military ballots possibly not being delivered to the troops, or even returned on time, ironically it will be the military making it possible for the Tuesday November 6th elections to go on in the storm stricken areas.

I think this is perhaps the most outrageous thing I have seen in all of this: “‘No Red Tape’? New Jersey Turns Away Non-union Relief Crews”

How desperate is hurricane-ravaged New Jersey? Not desperate enough to suspend a union monopoly that keeps the state in the bottom ten states for economic competitiveness (and #48 for business friendliness). Relief crews from Alabama who were specifically called to New Jersey found themselves diverted to Long Island, NY after they arrived because they use non-union labor. Alabama is a right-to-work state. […]

As Humberto would say, “Unreal!”

We are aware of the gas problem those New Yorkers hit by the storm are having to fuel cars and generators, but now comes the concern over a shortage of jet fuels at New York’s airports. In New Jersey Gov. Christie has issued 1970s style rationing of gasoline for those areas hardest hit from the storm.

Zero Hedge has a series of stunning satellite before and after photos of some of the coastal areas. More photos here.

Thoughts and prayers.



2 thoughts on “After “Sandy” … Priorities

  1. Now you just stop that right now! You leave that nice little man who runs the city alone. He’s banned salt, transfats and those evil guns that walk up and down the streets all by themselves shooting innocent young men in the pharmaceutical professions.

    So what more do you expect of him? So some people are griping about no gas, no electricity, so what? New York City is salt-free, soda-free, and has ‘good strong gun control’.

    What more does anyone need? Besides, the mayor took off for Bermuda.

    OK, back to seriousness:

    The moronic trucculence of this odd little man is beyond my ability to comprehend, let alone describe. Sorry.

  2. That’s “blinding light of smarmy, self-righteous, self-satisfied, fashion-victim stupidity.” To say this clown is embarrassing is being much too kind. He apparently thinks his shtick is legit, which means he’s so into himself he hasn’t got a fucking clue about reality. He’s not even a RINO, but a Dem who couldn’t advance politically as one, so he simply switched label till he got what he wanted, and now I think he’s officially an “independent.” But, yet again, if the voters enable this kind of shitty politician, then shit will inevitably happen. This guy should have been laughed out of office years ago, and if New Yorkers were really as sharp as they’re reputed to be, he would have been. Don’t even ask me about Hillary Clinton getting elected senator by these people. I mean, please.

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