Closing Arguments: Which Man is Setting The Right Tone for The American People and the Nation? – UPDATED

“Revenge” for what exactly, Mr. Obama? Not to mention your right hand gal has been overheard threatening “Payback time” for anyone who opposed you all during this election … should you win this election.

For all the complaints and excuses the democrats and the media have been spewing that Obama has not been successful because the republicans have refused to work with him, let us remember Obama insisted “The election is over”, in other words he could do whatever he wanted … and has done just that mostly through executive order and circumventing Congress and the Constitution. Never mind his first two years his party held both houses of Congress, and what they did shove through has been rejected by the American people, most especially in the 2010 mid-term election. But now comes one of those who led the charge that the republicans were do nothing and were refusing to work with Obama and are to blame for the nation’s troubles. Harry Reid is forecasting he will not work with Pres. Mitt Romney (which tells me Reid might at least be seeing Obama losing in four days)…

Five days before the election, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has ruled out trying to work with Mitt Romney should he win next week.

“Mitt Romney’s fantasy that Senate Democrats will work with him to pass his ‘severely conservative’ agenda is laughable,” Mr. Reid said in a statement on Friday, trying to puncture Mr. Romney’s closing election argument that he’ll be able to deliver on the bipartisanship President Obama promised in 2008 but has struggled to live up to.

Mr. Reid, a Nevada Democrat and a Mormon, like Mr. Romney, has become the Republican presidential nominee’s chief critic this campaign, at one point accusing him of failing to pay taxes — a charge that Mr. Romney has refuted.

With Democrats appearing poised to keep control of the Senate, a President Romney would have to be prepared to work with Mr. Reid, who would set the upper chamber’s schedule and determine what bills make it to the floor.

Mr. Reid flatly ruled out following Mr. Romney’s agenda, saying he and his colleagues have already voted down many of those proposals, including House Republicans’ budget, written by Republican vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan.

“Mitt Romney has demonstrated that he lacks the courage to stand up to the tea party, kowtowing to their demands time and again. There is nothing in Mitt Romney’s record to suggest he would act any differently as president,” Mr. Reid said.

Republicans retorted that Mr. Reid appeared to be preparing himself for a Romney win, and prodded the Democrat, pointing to all the things Mr. Reid wasn’t able to get done even when he did have a fellow Democrat as president and Democrats in control of the House.

“While Senator Reid might want to continue Washington politics as usual, I’m confident that there are many Democrats who value balancing the budget, reducing burdensome regulations, investing in U.S. energy resources and will be willing to work with Governor Romney to help grow our stagnant economy,” said Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

Mr. Romney has argued over the last week that his experience in Massachusetts working with a Democratic-controlled legislature has left him prepared to work with Congress. He has also vowed to hold regular meetings with congressional leaders to let both sides talk through their issues.

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Mitt Romney responds to Obama’s “Revenge” remark:

“He asked his supporters to vote for revenge — for revenge. Instead I ask the American people to vote for love of country.”

The right tone …



10 thoughts on “Closing Arguments: Which Man is Setting The Right Tone for The American People and the Nation? – UPDATED

  1. Why hasn’t babalu posted anything on the catastrophe on the east coast with the hurricane? It’s been days. This is just too weird. You guys have been posting little tidbits from here and there, but you’ve ignored this catastrophe? What gives? Are we supposed to ignore what happened? You do know that there are also Cubans living in New Jersey and New York, right?

  2. If we receive a first-hand account from one of our brothers or sisters living in NJ or NY we’ll be the first to publish it. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can report that is not being reported elsewhere.

    Did you read tonight’s post? Does that meet with your approval? I’m sorry we can’t please you about the stories we publish.

  3. Back to the post: it looks like the years of inhaling, smoking, and drug-induced daze (his own admission) are finally catching up with The One. Personally, it is rather enjoyable to watch the unhinging of an empty mind. It’s also very instructive, a real study on the devolution of a philosophy that continues to fail. Everywhere. Every time.

  4. Obama sounds like Chavez, but revenge and hate -together with a lot of freebies- can garner a lot of votes, as Chavez has shown. Never mind if the country meanwhile is going down the drain.

  5. Socialists/communists are all about the feelings of the masses.

    The people cannot be allowed to think. They must turn over all thought to the state. The state then controls them through their feelings. Build rage for anyone that does think and act for themselves, and then strike out with revenge.

  6. Voting for Obama in 2008 was already crazy, but voting for him now defies belief. Yet, by most accounts, the race is close, and even if Romney wins, the appallingly large proportion of American voters willing to re-elect Obama will remain a very grave threat to this country’s well-being. Given his track record, Obama should not be able to get more than about 35% of the popular vote, and even that is too high.

    The problem is threefold: 1) a lot of people are NOT fit to vote yet are allowed to do so; 2) the voting age is too low; 3) people who don’t pay federal taxes should not be allowed to elect federal officials. Alas, sense and logic are rarely the determining factors in anything political, so it is extremely unlikely that anything will be done to improve the quality of the electorate (which would of course be opposed as racist and/or elitist by all the usual suspects, meaning the ones with vested interests in the status quo).

    So, unless we get VERY serious about counteracting and offsetting the liberal left’s influence in our government and society, with any and all means at our disposal, we’re simply sitting on a time bomb. The time for giving people the benefit of the doubt hoping they’ll do the right thing is over. The stakes are far too high for wishful thinking or casual carelessness.

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