Let’s Roll This Mother…


The new movie out this weekend is “Flight” starring Denzel Washington as a commercial jet pilot that has to roll his crippled and diving airliner upside down in order to save the lives on board in a daring landing. How friggin’ ironic is the timing of this, huh?!?

We have heard it in the last few elections … “This is the most important election of our lifetime.” Well, it’s not. EVERY election is the most important election in our lifetimes. We have just lost sight of that. This is now the most important election in our nation’s history … and on many levels, not the least of which is the choice between two completely opposite agendas for us all. Not only are we hoping to elect a man that will not shrug away from being a strong leader that is able and willing to make the hard and even unpopular decisions to right this ship, but we have gotten to the “sink or swim” moment we have always heard about since we were kids. Yes, we got ourselves into this situation. Over the decades we allowed the socialism to seep in slowly and make us numb to it. And then came the last four years. Obama is an impatient person. He wanted it all, and he wanted it quickly. He figured enough socialist foundation had been laid, by both parties, over the last century that we lazy, slothful, selfish, willfully ignorant Americans would just openly welcome the next phase, the dictatorship. He figured wrong. Come Tuesday, November 6, 2012, I believe it just might be the first time in Obama’s life that he will be told “No” … okay, “Hell no!”

Obama’s campaign manager Jim Messina in a Twitter tweet accused Mitt Romney of now running his campaign on a “revenge” message. Yeah, you read that right. Do these people seriously believe we are stupid? Michael Savage is dead-on, “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” You really just want to cue “The Twilight Zone” theme with these people.

It will not be easy, in the sense of it being done smoothly, and correctly, and fairly, and according to the law. The NAACP broke the 100 foot rule and took over a polling place in Houston and was advocating for Barack Obama while picking people out of the long line and putting them ahead to the front. A poll worker who tried to do something was told to … get this … “stand down” by someone from downtown in a phone call. None of her co-workers at the poll did anything to rectify the violations. People around the country in early voting are complaining about voting machines registering their Romney votes for Obama. Both the Romney and Obama camps have amassed armies of lawyers.

This election is the most important in our nation’s history because we have been forced to wake the hell up, look at what we’ve done, pay attention, inform ourselves, and not allow the truth to be hidden, no matter what ugly names the wounded “progressive” beast in the corner is calling us in order to put us back into our lazy, slothful, selfish, willfully ignorant places of allowing them to think for us. People are angry. People are scared. People are disappointed. People are waking up and stepping up. We must dig ourselves out of this mess We The People have enabled the elected class to bury us under.


I have been saying for months now that this election eerily reminds me of the 1980 Carter/Reagan election. From the foreign policy fumbles in the Middle East (Carter with Iran and the American embassy, and now Obama and the Benghazi debacle, not to mention the seige of our embassy in Cairo) to the domestic and economic disasters at home. All that was missing were gas lines. Well now

Superstorm Sandy Energy

However, I had yet to liken Mitt Romney to Ronald Reagan in all the parallels. Romney was not my first choice in the primary but I have liked what he has been saying and how he has been saying it over the last few months. I will now tell you what I told George earlier today. I am seeing parallels between Romney and Reagan now, and his brilliant response to Obama’s call for “revenge” voting sealed it for me. It will be a tough flight fight to change the trajectory of America with the powers that want to steal this election and crash this nation, but I say…

Let’s friggin’ roll this mother and land the Eagle on her feet on Tuesday.