Our dear Lateeno brothers and sisters again weigh in…


From the GlobalPost site:

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From a GlobalPost story today:

According to Evelina Santiago, who moved to the United States from Mexico 25 years ago, Obama is the only choice.

“We love Obama,” she said. “I think most Latino voters do. Many are confused about Romney; they do not know what his purpose is, and they are very worried about his immigration policies.”

Santiago conceded that Cubans were in a different category, and would probably vote differently. “They only think about their own interests, getting their land back in Cuba,” she said. “They are not thinking about this country.”

The GlobalPost, btw, is also home to NPR’s Cuba “Expert” Nick Mirroff, proud recipient of a Castroite “journalist” visa…



4 thoughts on “Our dear Lateeno brothers and sisters again weigh in…

  1. So, we don’t think about this country as opposed to them? Yea, right, the Dream Act and unbridled, unchecked immigration from Mexico and other regions of Latin America is thinking about the USA!

  2. Yes, Ray, they’re full of shit, but they’re from Latrine America, aren’t they? And Cubans will “probably” vote differently? Sheesh. They can’t even get THAT right. But you gotta love the bit about how they care more about this country than we do. Yeah, they care so much that they get as much public assistance as they possibly can, at the expense of taxpayers who may be dead set against illegal immigration and definitely against supporting “Latino” parasites. But hey, as long as the system allows it, screw the people who actually pay the tab. Oh, “Latinos” care, all right. That’s why they revere a murderous psychopath like “Che” who despised the US and all it stood for, not to mention he also scorned brown and black people. Well, we’re talking prime plantation material here, after all. Ugh.

  3. And of course, nobody cares as much for the US as Mexicans. That’s why so many of them come here illegally so they can, you know, care on site (and get American government benefits for it). Is that altruism or what?

  4. Still, to be fair, quite a few Cubans have been playing the Mexican game, more or less, for some time now, but that’s definitely NOT the way it worked with real exiles, as opposed to economic immigrants.

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