I will pray

Well, our side lost. I fear for our country. I saw this election as the last chance exit on the highway to bankruptcy and doom. The country isn’t going to crumble tomorrow but the national debt is rapidly approaching 100% of GDP and I see no interest on the part of the White House to arrest it or put any pro-growth policies in place.

If this was simply a case of accepting a “new normal” I could live with it, but things can get very much worse and they will unless the president has a change of heart. The reason we don’t have a real recovery is because nothing has been done to create a real recovery. Tax increases, increased regulations on business and government spending don’t stimulate the economy, they stifle it.

As for me, I was wrong. I was too optimistic. I thought there was a silent majority out there that had seen what this president is and was going to reject it. I was wrong. There’s nothing else I can say. Just that I was wrong.

I’m not particularly religious but tonight I will pray because I think only the grace of God can save us now.



7 thoughts on “I will pray

  1. Yes Henry, you were too optimistic my friend, the brainwashing has permeated far too deeply and too wide. All one has to do is listen to the comments made by the youth of this nation to see where it is headed.
    George, not only does the nation discard millions of babies in the trash, but a host of many other sins without remorse. They have no use for God or His ways, besides, they wanted a king and they got their king. Sad, sad day for this nation, I’m glad my parents are now gone so they don’t have to see this.

  2. Okay, barring some God sent miracle to save Romney …

    Speaking of people who were brainwashed, don’t forget about the people believing that the MSM polls were biased etc.

    Turns out that Nate Silver (wow, an actual trained statistician using modern sampling methods) knew what he was talking about and (according to the numbers being reported on Fox) called the electoral college vote within his stated margin of error. Whereas the untrained conservative snake oil salesmen like Barone and Morris etc. had no clue. Will the lesson be learned for next time? No. The same conservative hucksters and radio pundits will toy with your emotions as they did this time, and most of you will buy it.

    I’m not laughing at anyone, but I pity the people who refuse to accept reality simply because it is inconvenient.

    My advice for the next four years … pour some wine, light some candles, lay back and think of Reagan while Obama ****s everyone over.

  3. I guess Nate Silver had it right all along.

    I feel like Karl Rove scammed many of us and took the millions he raised off the top or something … he said this was in the bag (WTF) !!!

  4. I completely agree with your analysis, Mr. Mojito. And Rove wasn’t the only one making a buck off of conservative sheep. Add Barone, and Morris, and Malkin, and Rush, etc., to that list of shameless snake oil salespersons. But do you think any lessons will be learned? I doubt it.

    Charles Krauthammer wrote in January: “If the Republicans can’t beat [Obama] in November, they should try another line of work.”

    I’d bet a few dollars that by tomorrow, the National Review and American Spectator and a few other conservative sites will be writing about how tonight’s loss was a “good thing” and how it is a blessing in disguise. Sort of like how they were describing the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare a few months ago. Lose the battle win the war. Yeah, sure. They are shameless. Even more abhorrent is that many conservatives will buy the pablum that they serve.

  5. Here’s the good thing, amigo. Obama will now have to live with the results of his decisions. He will own the January tax increases – he will own Obamacare – he will own the blackouts caused by his destruction of power plants – he will own the next Muslim attack on our mainland.

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