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  1. From this point America is in HUGE trouble, like the Titanic heading for the iceberg.

    We don’t know what kind of iceberg we will hit, whether it’ll be due to our massive debt and economic issues or a huge conflict in the Middle East or a conflict with China or something else.

    But make no mistake about it, America is on a collision course with the iceberg. When that happens, no one will be able to blame Bush for it.

  2. This nation is done George. I see this reelection as I saw the second plane that hit the Twin Towers, a confirmation.

    If an incumbent as weak and as full of crap as Obama has been able to defeat a man with such a good campaign as Romney’s there is no hope left here. This simply reflects the level of demographic decay and overall stupidity never seen before, which exists, and that will only continue to propagate, for they were too stupid to see it in the first place.

    I am not going to get in the details now but they will probably be redundant anyhow given that most of us here already know them. This nation already went to the crapper and is going nowhere but down from here on.

    Yet, why should I be so surprised if they indeed elected a member of Rev. Wright’s “church” four years ago, something in itself inconceivable.

  3. I can’t even move to Canada, because they have: higher taxes than we do, socialized medicine, legalized gay marriage, and abortion on demand.


    Plus I can’t even go back to Cuba. 🙁

  4. ALL my fears from earlier this week came true.

    Not sure what to do. Mexico is even more leftist.

    Is there anywhere on Earth where Liberty is thriving ???

  5. I allowed myself to become hopeful after the debates, but I’ve thought since 2008 that we’d elected our dictator, and getting him out of office was going to be impossible. Think things are bad now? Just wait. I’m thankful my parents, especially my WWII Vet Dad is not here to see this. Our Republic is lost, my heart is broken, but still beating. There is no where to go, so we have two choices submit or fight. I’ve never been submissive, and I don’t intend to start now. I have Grandchildren who need to know what this country once was, and to know the sweetness of freedom and civility. Last I checked, Romney is ahead in the popular vote. Elections are not the only way to remove a corrupt official.

  6. “Mexico is even more leftist”

    Yes, and Mexicans are precisely the main group entering this nation, the most ignorant of them all on top of it, and to be gifted citizenship by the truck loads. In what other nation is this seen for so long and permitted with such lethargy?

    I must say, given the domestic imbecility that exists I wouldn’t blame the Mexicans before blaming the very Americans that have enabled this and much more. It is the very Americans who are at the forefront of all the imbecility that is being seen.

    Yet, these indians surely aren’t the people that founded this nation, their mindset is very far from it, they don’t care for such foundations nor those that endorse them, and all they will ultimately do once in their hands is help degrade it.

    Maybe they will then try to enter Canada illegally?

  7. Honey, Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is looking more like prophecy every day.

    I never fully embraced her because of her Atheism … but she nailed this.

  8. Fuzzy_Bunny, I’m in the Canada that forces people through “Human Rights Commissions” for offensive speech, that prohibits all forms of personal protection greater than the pocket swiss army knife I carry, then charges people with offensive weapons if it’s used, that allows no protection for unborn babies until they’re born, up to and including 39 6/7’s weeks… that prohibits all forms of private medical arrangements outside of government mandated “medicare”. Forces us to pay for public broadcasting viewed by about 2% of the population.

    For awhile in the 80’s, oil producers were forced to sell oil at a discount to eastern Canada and allowed to sell at the world price for oil exports… (imagine Ford is only allowed to sell F-150’s in the US for $15,000 maximum and can export all they want for $28,000.) all federally mandated. Where it’s illegal in Quebec to have a sign outside your clothing store that says “Fuzzy Bunny Blue Jeans” because that’s not French.

    Those people that say “I’ll move to Canada” when they don’t get the election result they want, ought to know that people actually freeze to death here. There’s been one in October already, and there’s 5 more months of winter. Actual Real Winter, not the 22 F degrees “cold blast of arctic” they get in Kansas for a week in january.

    Way to depressed with the election result yesterday to continue this defense.

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